Woman Transformed Bedroom with Pink Shag Inspired by Jayne Mansfield


It took about two months to install the shag fabric on the walls and cost up to $5,000.

Charlie Leanna Murphy bought glitter paint from Home Depot and pink glitter from Hobby Lobby to color the bedroom doors.

Courtesy of Charlie Leanna Murphy

The renovation process began in October and ended in December.

Murphy said installing the shag walls should have taken two to three days, but it took longer due to supply shortages and shipping delays. The initial shag fabric used by Murphy was discontinued and moved into liquidation in the process.

“I was like, ‘Oh my God, if I have to replace this shag with another one, I’m going to freak out,'” Murphy said. “But we ended up finding enough to finish that part, and then I found some other parts in north Austin that my friend went to get for me to finish the part.”

Murphy said she spent between $4,000 and $5,000 to buy enough fabric for the bedroom.

The other bedroom project, the shimmering pink glitter doors, took about a week. Murphy bought gold glitter paint from Home Depot, bought lots of pink glitter from Hobby Lobby, then mixed the two together to get the shimmery color.

“I would shine the doors in the morning, let it dry, then after lunch I would shine it again,” Murphy said and shared that she repeats this process until it’s done. “It took about a week because it took about four to five coats of glitter.”

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