Why Torres Del Paine National Park Should Be A Must-See Place


Torres Del Paine National Park is beyond most hikers’ dreams, and its dramatic and intense landscape is not everything to love.

Torres del Paine National Park is home to soaring mountain peaks, flowing waterfalls, hanging glaciers and a network of trails that weave between rugged moraines. The park is located in Chilean Patagonia and offers activities such as horseback riding with gauchos and hikes to see some of the nation’s oldest relics from the country’s first occupants.

Getting to the park

  • Nearest airport – Punta Arenas Airport – 298.8 Km
  • Visitors can hire a taxi which takes approximately 3 hours and 35 minutes to reach the park.

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Main activities that visitors can indulge in

Go hiking

The French Valley Trail

The hike through the French valley is considered one of the most amazing in the world. This trail passes between the Paine Grande and the magnificent Torres del Paine and Los Cuernos peaks, with glaciers hanging above. Visitors can admire spectacular views of the granite amphitheater that makes up this contained canyon and the creeks below, such as Pehoe, Toro and Nordenskjold lakes.

The Paine Trail Towers

This trip is one of the most famous in Patagonia, allowing visitors to get up close to the stunning granite spiers that tower hundreds of meters above the ground and serve as the centerpiece of the park. The hike begins at Hosteria Las Torres with a steep 45 minute climb that leads to a glacier ridge. The spiers are an hour’s walk from here, rising from a tranquil blue lake. The gigantic arrows are magnificent and worth the effort.

Kayaking on the park’s lakes

Kayaking in Torres Del Paine offers a unique opportunity to experience some of the most remote sections of the national park, inaccessible on foot.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to admire majestic fjords and coves, paddle between icebergs and visit the secluded Serrano Avalanche and Lake Serrano. Kayaking in the reserve can be a very relaxing experience, and seeing the vivid blue of the glacial ice on Gray Lake is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

See the breathtaking Salto Grande Waterfall

Salto Grande is one of the most impressive waterfalls in Torres del Paine National Park. The ferocity of its water contrasts sharply with the calm of the Patagonian environment that surrounds it.

Visitors can watch water rushing down a canyon, rushing over a cliff, and forming huge clouds of mist. The resounding roar disrupts the normally deafening calm that surrounds the park’s mountains, lakes and gorges.

  • The area surrounding the waterfall is home to a variety of wildlife. Guanaco and native birds including Andean condor, freya and owl can be seen by tourists.

Ride a horse with gauchos

Torres del Paine is nestled in the border region of Chile. Since the 19th century, the meadow in the park has been used for cattle grazing. Many sheep farms near the park still regularly employ gauchos. A gaucho is the rodeo of South America and he takes pride in his riding abilities.

Visitors can ride with a gaucho for a few hours in Torres del Paine or take multi-day trips to visit the park and the adjacent steppes.

  • Day trips are acceptable for riders of all skill levels, including beginners, depending on the route.

Spot native wildlife

There are around 26 different animal varieties in Torres del Paine, although the guanaco and puma are arguably the best known. The park is home to hares, cougars and coyotes. Visitors may even spot the rare alpine deer if they are lucky.

Alpine condors, black-breasted eagles, red-tailed hawks, Montagu’s harriers, Chimango caracaras and southern pygmy owls are some of the birds that can be seen.

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Where to stay near the park

Hotel Las Torres Patagonia

Hotel Las Torres de Patagonia offers visitors a delicious breakfast daily and has free internet access.

  • The rooms are spacious and include floor-to-ceiling windows with spectacular views of the hills.
  • They are all equipped with heating and private bathrooms.
  • The hotel’s breakfast buffet is extensive.
  • The on-site Coiron Dining serves traditional cuisine for dinners. Handpicked cocktails and hard liquors are offered at the Pionero Bar.
  • The hotel spa offers beauty treatments.

Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa

A spa is available at the Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa, which includes a steam bath, hammam, hot tub, and hydrotherapy tub.

  • Beautiful wooden decor, exquisite chairs, and rugs are included in the hotel rooms, which are minimalist in style.
  • All rooms are heated and equipped with bathtubs.
  • A large seating area is included in the apartment.
  • A continental brunch complete with hot chocolate and local jams is served to guests each morning. Lunch and dinner are also included.
  • Guests get full access to all kinds of drinks, including wines and non-premium spirits, at the restaurant, which serves Patagonian specialties.
  • There is a common living area, pub, kitchen and patio at this luxury hotel.

Rio Serrano Hotel + Spa

Hotel Ro Serrano has an on-site restaurant and a patio with views of the Paine Mountains. In the common areas there is free internet access.

  • Rio Serrano accommodations are fully furnished and have large windows. They all have air conditioning, ventilation and a private bathroom.
  • A continental breakfast is served daily.
  • At the restaurant, you can enjoy regional dishes while sipping drinks from the hotel cellar. In the De Agostini bar you can enjoy drinks and concoctions.

The natural treasures of Torres del Paine National Park include breathtaking glaciers, forests, lagoons and mountains. It is a place where the hue of the crystal clear sky is incredible, the ecology is exceptional and where tourists will find many animals to explore.

Exploring Torres del Paine is an incredible adventure, and the spectacular natural beauty of the National Park will leave visitors in awe!

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