What is the modern French style? Taniya Nayak’s team uses the famous architectural design of Battle on The Beach


Tonight on Battle on the beachthe team of Ty, Alison and Taniya were asked to renovate the living room of their respective beach houses.

Inspired by Paris, the modern French style is a design pattern that combines bold modern stylistic patterns with traditional designs. This usually involves painting the walls white and using sleek, chic lights, sometimes a chandelier.

The walls of these houses usually have Parsian artwork combined in some way with simple furniture.

Taniya’s team, Roosevelt and Brandon, used this design to renovate the living room with white walls and a custom fireplace. The team also added a wooden pattern to the piece by burning the wood in the middle.

What happened on Battle on the beach tonight?

Last week on Battle on the beach, Ty Pennington, Alison Victoria and Taniya Nayak crews were brought in to renovate the bedroom and bathroom. Ty’s team won the challenge and got $3,000 in cash.

This evening, the teams have been asked to renovate the living room of the beach houses. The mentors asked the contestants to add architectural elements to the living room, which was just a gigantic empty room with white paint.

Ty’s team planned to build a custom vintage fireplace in the room and add oversized light fixtures. Wally and Jaqueline allocated $11,000 for the renovation. The team also added a coffee table and a vintage wooden mantel.

Ty’s team built custom legs for the living room table without screws but with glue. Wally and Jaqueline used half the kitchen space to add a bathroom. When they painted the roof, the ceiling started to show holes but Wally used mud holes to cover them.

They also added a swimming table in the room. The judges felt that the living room lacked seating space, but were quite impressed with the bathroom.

Alison’s team decided to remove the windows from the side wall and install a stone fireplace. Corey and Paige allocated a budget of $11,000 for the task. Alison asked the team to add bathroom/powder holes to the living room.

On Alison’s advice, the team bought three portholes to decorate the living room. The judges liked the stones and the decoration of the room but said that the powder room lacked space.

Roosevelt and Brandon decided to install a custom modern fireplace in the living room and used a wine fridge to decorate the living room. Taniya’s team did the job for $10,000.

The Battle on the beach crews first got rid of previously stained carpets. They received $1,000 to buy accessories and decorative pieces at the Nautical Antique store. The pairs were then invited to participate together in a workshop to build the living room table.

The episode description reads,

“Teams are gearing up to tackle the show, but they’re finding themselves with limited time and tight budgets for this vital space; they’ll need to channel their DIY skills to save on costs and showcase custom elements to achieve their styling goals.”

Battle on The Beach features three of HGTV’s top renovators, Ty Pennington, Alison Victoria and Taniya Nayak, mentoring a two-member team and guiding them to transform three identical beach houses in Surfside Beach.

Battle on the beach airs every Sunday on HGTV at 9:00 p.m. ET.

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