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Stray is a recently released indie game developed by BlueTwelve Studio and published by Annapurna Interactive. It quickly gained popularity as one of the best indie games you can play. Also, you are playing with a cat, and to make the experience more realistic, you can scratch certain things in the game. We will explain where you can scratch in Stray. While you’re at it, check out our wandering plant locations guide.

There are some vending machines in Stray which are very well hidden. You can interact with these vending machines to get energy drinks. For more information on the location of these vending machines, see our guide to wandering vending machines.

There are many different collectibles in Stray. Some are required for completing quests while others are for getting in-game achievements. Scratching at different locations also grants achievements in Stray. The most tedious collectible to obtain is the Memories in Stray.

Additionally, many puzzles can be found in Stray. Some of these puzzles require you to obtain Digicodes in order to solve them. For a detailed explanation of Digicodes, read our Stray Digicodes guide and learn about locations and all Safe puzzle solutions.

If you have finished Stray and are confused about the ending of the game. Then read our Stray Ending Explained guide for a detailed explanation of the ending of the game. We will now discuss where you can scratch in Stray.

What are the scratch slots in Stray

Stray is basically a game where you play as a cat. The game’s development studio has done an exceptional job of making the experience as feline as possible. There are many game events or mechanics in the game that make you feel like a cat.

The game is great for showing how and what cats do in their lives. Most cat owners know that cats like to scratch walls, rugs, carpets and doors. Similarly, you can make your cat scratch in Stray and there are certain places where you can do this in the game.

There are nearly twelve chapters in Stray and each of them features locations or structures where you can scratch. Things like the tree, rug, sofa, or wood panel can be scratched in Stray and these are scattered throughout different chapters of the game.

Why do you need to scratch

One of Stray’s achievements/trophies requires you to scratch at different locations in each chapter. This achievement is known as the “Territory”. Don’t worry about missing a slot because you can scratch again in these chapters by replaying them later. We will now discuss all the places where you can scratch in each chapter of the game.

All scratch points and locations in Stray

You’ll find various places where you can scratch in each of Stray’s 12 chapters, including the prologue. Also, you only have to do the scratch once per chapter for the trophy/achievement to appear. Here is the list of Stray chapters where you can scratch;

  • Inside the wall
  • ghost town
  • The apartment
  • Shanty towns
  • Rooftops
  • The slums, part two
  • Dead end
  • Sewers
  • Antevillage
  • middle of town
  • Jail
  • Control room

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Chapter 1: Inside the Wall

Stray Chapter 1 Scratch Location

When you take control of your cat in Stray at the start of Chapter 1, you will come across some stairs. Climb these stairs to approach a tree in the game. You will see that one of the other cats is already scratching this tree. The game tells you that you can also scratch this tree, making it your first location where you can scratch in Stray.

Chapter 2: The Dead City

misplaced scratch location
Stray Chapter 2 Scratch Location

For your next scratch location, you’ll need to go through the town of Stray. During your journey here, the game will require you to push a paint can through a room in order to enter the area. Once you enter the room, you will also see rugs on the floor next to a bed in the game. You can basically scratch on these rugs for your Chapter 2 scratch point in Stray.

Chapter 3: The Apartment

misplaced scratch location
Stray Chapter 3 Scratch Location

You can find a scratch location at the start of this chapter in Stray. As soon as you enter the apartment itself, you will have access to the Chapter 3 scratch location. When you enter the apartment, you will find a rug next to the kitchen area in the living room of the apartment. This is your starting point for Chapter 3.

Chapter 4: Slums

misplaced scratch location
Stray Chapter 4 Scratch Location

Again, the scratch location is at the start of Stray Chapter 4. When you open the garage in Stray Slums, you will find a mat in the garage full of robots. You can scratch that rug in Chapter 4. Additionally, there’s Guardian Robot in a red robe standing next to the garage holding a big pole.

Chapter 5: Rooftops

scratch stray
Stray Chapter 5 Scratch Location

The Chapter 5 scratch point is located on the very first roof. When the chapter begins, you will find yourself on the roof with an arrow sign. The mat you are going to scratch is located right next to this panel. Scratch this carpet to progress in your success.

Chapter 6: The slums, part two

scratching places
Stray Chapter 6 Scratch Location

When you return to the Stray Slums while playing Chapter 6, you’ll find yourself in Momo’s apartment. Simply scratch the carpet present in Momo’s apartment and you’ll be halfway to accomplishing the achievement of the territory.

Chapter 7: Impasse

Misplaced scratch slots
Stray Chapter 7 Scratch Location

There’s only one place in Chapter 7 where you can do the scratching, so don’t miss that spot in Stray. You will find this place inside the Doc’s house in Chapter 7. Once you enter his house, go talk to the Doc. The Doc will advise you to explore his house. Go to the ground floor of Doc’s house. There you will find a carpet that you can scratch near a desk.

Chapter 8: The Sewers

misplaced scratch location
Stray Chapter 8 Scratch Location

Again, Chapter 8 only has one scratch spot, so be on the lookout for this spot as you play through Stray. Play Chapter 8 until you come across a locked door. You will need to use B-12 to open this door by unlocking two panels. Once the door opens, go into the next room full of barrels. There’s a wooden/cardboard board near the leftmost wall of this room that you can scrape into Stray.

Chapter 9: Antivillage

chapter 9
Stray Chapter 9 Scratch Location

There are many places where you can scratch in Stray Chapter 9. The abundance of these locations in Antvillage is almost as high as that of the slums. However, for your fastest scratch point, head to the first level. After going up, you’ll come across a room where two robots are sitting on a bunk bed. The room will also be full of paint. You will find cardboard that you can scrape right next to the bed.

Chapter 10: Downtown

chapter 10
Stray Chapter 10 Scratch Location

Getting to the scratch point location in Midtown is quite easy in Stray. Once on Main Street in Midtown, turn right. You will find a robot sitting on a couch in this location. Under the robot’s foot, you will find a carpet that you can scrape in Stray.

Chapter 11: Jail

chapter 11
Stray Chapter 11 Scratch Location

There are two different places where you can scratch in Stray Chapter 11. Scratching one of these places is actually part of the story, so you won’t miss this spot. Basically, at the end of the chapter, you will have to scratch a car door, which will also help you get the Territory achievement.

Scratching that car door also allows you to get Clementine’s attention in Stray. In addition, you can scrape the bark of a tree located near this car.

Chapter 12: Control Room

chapter 12
Stray Chapter 12 Scratch Location

Chapter 12 is another one of those chapters where you’re going to scrape things off as part of the story. So you won’t miss the control room scratch locations in Stray. Once inside the room, you will need to scrape the wires in a panel to open the door to the control room.


Stray is one of the best indie games you can play right now. This is a newly released game and available for download on Playstation 4, Playstation 5 and PC. The game has quickly gained popularity and is one of the most loved games of 2022. However, it is a small game but the quality of Stray is exceptionally good.

This concludes our guide to scratch slots in Stray. We have discussed each chapter’s scratch locations. Hope the guide helped you get the Territory achievement in the game. Let us know what you think of Stray in the comments below!

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