This week’s 9 coolest new releases, from Apotheke to Brooklinen


It’s around this time of the week, folks – it’s the Great Big TGIF Drops-to-Remember event, which is significantly better than other smaller promotional events. (Plus we got a better chowdah’.) Last week, we brought you a hot plate of trippy puzzles, Rick Owens Chuck Taylors, and other delicious drops. This week, however, the drops are so good they deserve an entire parking lot full of wacky men waving tubes with inflatable arms. We’re talking designer goods to make you the envy of the food court, rugs made from literal plants, and more luscious launches.

That’s why we dropped our yerba mate, jumped on our Overalls, and found the week’s best new releases and collaborations, from burger-in-the-park scented candles (yes, actually) and NASA-themed aprons to cocktail-inspired shirts from one of our brands. favorites and more. We’ve also included a handful of items that celebrate AAPI Heritage Month, so get ready to get out of your sunny bed adorned with flowers, support worthy causes, suck up some tart cherry performance concentrate and apply all-natural products. SPF to prepare for the coming weekend.

Panda Express x Phillip Lim

Without any context, when you hear about a fashion designer collaborating with a fast food chain, your first thought might be WTF? How does it even work? The answer: brilliantly. Designate Philip Lim teamed up with the food court favorite Panda Express to address food insecurity in the AAPI community. All of the net proceeds from the sale of this limited edition line graphic and wavy T-shirts, sweatshirts and baseball caps will benefit six different organizations emphasizing food security. Additionally, supporters can donate directly to the collaboration GoFundMe pagewhich Panda Express kicked off with a $20,000 donation.

$120 to Philip Lim

$50 to Philip Lim

Vera Bradley x Coleman

The term “glamping” may already be old news, but the question remains: do we really have to brutalize it when we sleep under the stars? Nope! Grab your portable outdoor speaker, your best camping chairs, and a groovy Vera Bradley X Coleman cashmere tent, and take out the mushrooms. And, for all you padded bag lovers out there, now you can flaunt your Vera Bradley vibes anywhere, from camping to tailgating, with a limited-edition paisley-print soft cooler that holds up to 28 cans.

$119.99 to Coleman

$49.99 to Coleman

Shake Shack x Apotheke

Perhaps the most unexpected drop this week is a set of Shake Shack-inspired luxury candles by Apothecary. Yes, you read that right, and you might be thinking Burger candle? No thanks-but wait. It’s not only beef water. A lot of science and aromachology went into creating these two surprising scents. Yes, the Burger in the Park candle actually has medium Shackburger ratings, which they extracted using ScentTrek tech, but it’s meant to evoke the whole experience of walking through Madison Square Park to pick up a burger they mimicked, with hints of green grass, daffodil, magnolia, and tomato. A burger would be nothing without a free shake and fries, which is where the other candle scent of this duo comes in, with a very warm vanilla scent (and sort of potato, in the common sense).

$42 to Apothecary

Brooklinen’s spring collection

Name a better feeling than stepping into crisp, clean sheets at the end of a long day with the air conditioner humming gently as you drift off to dreamland in a field of imaginary wildflowers. It’s the vibe BrooklynThe new spring pattern and colors give. An extra punchy sheet set or duvet is the perfect way to give your bedroom a makeover without going to great lengths. The collection is available in the brand’s classic 270-thread-count cooling percale fabric as well as its ultra-soft 480-thread-count cotton sateen sheets.

$179 to Brooklyn

$169 to Brooklyn

Hedley & Bennett x NASA

Do the right people to Hedley and Bennett never sleep? From collaborations with the Grateful Dead to sesame streetthe brand continues to spoil us with some very hot apron collaborations, including a new drop with NASA on a series of aprons that are just waiting to help you bake your space cakes while Cosmos: a personal journey plays in the background.

$105 to Hedley and Bennett

$105 to Hedley and Bennett

Tombolo x With Drinks

The hits of the permanent beach-club holiday brand raffle keep coming. This week they launched a collection with With, makers of low-sugar cocktail mixers that taste just as satisfying without the alcohol. Designed in collaboration with the artist Lydia Ortiz, Hawaiian and cabana shirt styles feature embroidery depicting a cocktail made with jalapeño and blood orange, one of their signature flavors. Makes you want a spicy marg, really bad.

$128 to With

The new Everyday Humans SPF

If you don’t wear sunscreen every day, then Explain [clap] for [clap] me [clap] Why [clap] do not. Yes, the sun warming your face and the top of your shoulders after a long, cold winter feels like *the kiss of the boss*, but it’s also incredibly risky behavior, unless you’re protect against the sun. Pro-planet, owned by WOC and AAPI everyday humans just released a new hybrid sunscreen/primer/moisturizer/face oil that uses recycled rose oil (it comes from discarded petals) to hydrate the skin, yucca root extract with bisabolol to soothe inflammation, and desert sand verbena and jacob cactus for a clearer complexion.

$26 to everyday humans

UNIQLO x Theory SS22 Collection

The theory is the kind of minimalist New York label that makes us feel like a long-lost Olsen twin, and it just launched a limited edition collection with UNIQLO which delivers its nonchalant signature and timeless designs. Expect perfectly tailored basics, from polo shirts for men for ultra-light shirt jacketsand the kind of summer shorts that skim the knees and that would make a jurassic park-era Laura Dern passed out.

$39.90 to Uniqlo

Ruggable Jute Rugs

You know what jute rugs are, even if you don’t think so, they are made from the fibers of the jute plantwhich is what gives them this coveted, Natural signature texture and smoothness. Now, Robust-aka the people behind the first machine washable shag rug– gave the classic a vibrant upgrade with patterned jute rug in a plaid print and southwestern-inspired patterns.

$159 to Robust

$309 to Robust

Launch of Cheribundi

Since its inception in 1965, no one has really improved or offered a natural alternative to Gatoradebut cheribundi has created two new drink concentrates that harness the power of tart cherries, which are packed with antioxidants that reduce inflammation, relieve sore muscles and boost immunity. Concentrates come in a pure version, which contains 40 tart cherries and is only 100 calories. The Immunity Pouch also contains ginger and vitamin C, and the Sleep Concentrate contains melatonin and magnesium, which are meant to be taken 20 minutes after waking up and 20 minutes before bedtime, respectively.

Come on weekend warriors: grab a spritz and make us proud.

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