They are poor but neat: photos show inside a well-appointed and organized dosing house, stun many people

  • An occupant of a dosing house has won the admiration of social media users because of the way the humble abode has been kept
  • Photos shared on social media showed that the inside of the doser was well organized and kept clean
  • The interior seemed to betray the ‘humbleness’ of the exterior, as a luxury bed frame and a handsome wardrobe made up the household items

A netizen named Olaniyan Kehinde said being poor shouldn’t get in the way of dressing well and being organized.

Olaniyan shared this thought in a Facebook group, Rant HQ Extension as he showed off the beautiful interior of a dosing house.

The dosing house had a neat interior. Photo credit: Olaniyan Kehinde
Source: Facebook

The humble abode whose building is made of wood and bricks had an interior that amazed netizens and much of that was down to how neat and organized it was.

Luxury household items like a bed frame and a beautiful wardrobe were seen in one room of the apartment.

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The occupant of the doser seemed to have a thing for organization as everything looked neat and pleasing to the eye, colorful clothes serving as a rug to the neatly made bed.

Some netizens have argued that the doser paints a picture of a wealthy man whose fortunes have taken a downturn.

Internet users react

Prince Sammie Henshaw said:

“What is beautiful in this house is that there is light, houses that are built in the city so beautiful today, in the dark or on Gen…”

His Highness ObiJohn Fada Fada said:

“With the way things look in this house, this person was going really big, then giving themselves some serious challenges, and then deciding to lay low like that.

“That’s it.”

Shandy Sharon More said:

“It looks like the owner of this house is a capinter or a furniture maker because when you check all the rooms most of the time all of the Woody properties are well furnished which the average poor man can’t afford.”

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Anaedumaka Petra said:

“If he owns the land, he will gradually build the house he wants.

“Personally, I’m even going to stay here to build my own house because you see renting an apartment? I don’t like that at all, especially in this country where we don’t even know what people use for the foundations that the Most of the time, tenants barely build their house while leaving in their house.”

A man shows off a mud house with a luxury interior and household items

Meanwhile, previously reported that a man showed off the luxurious interior of his mud house which has air conditioning and a large TV.

Like all the other earthen houses, the exterior of the man’s house had the appearance of something commonly seen in underdeveloped areas or the abode of someone who is not not easy.

But its interior quickly erases any such thoughts. A short video capturing its luxurious interior was shared by @gossipmilltv on Instagram and caused quite a stir.

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The living room had an air conditioner, an exotic cushion chair, beautiful paintings as well as other accessories usually available in a 5 star hotel.


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