Thermacell Mosquito Repellent System Review


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If you’re like me, there’s nowhere you’d rather be than outside when the weather permits. Whether it’s cooking on the grill, going on a camping adventure, dipping in the neighborhood pool, or lounging on the patio with friends, there’s nothing quite like the great outdoors. But all that fun can be hampered by one pesky and persistent problem: mosquitoes.

I spent many years trying to escape the pesky, itchy, crazy mosquito bites that plagued my outdoor escapades. Despite the fact that I have tried just about every possible solution to rid my garden and my life of these bloodsucking insects, nothing has worked well enough to stay permanently, including citronella candles, insecticides without DEET and mosquitoes. – repellent bracelets. But after seeing my two young children covered in swollen bites despite wearing popular brand name insect repellents, I knew I had to try something different to protect my garden and loved ones.

It was only recently that my family was spared the wrath of mosquito bites after I installed a super affordable perimeter repellent system around my garden that worked real mosquito repellent magic. Although I have considered investing between $500 and $1,000 to install a permanent but expensive repellent system in the past, after some research online I came across the Thermacell Perimeter Mosquito Repellent System, which costs less of $50 and has excellent reviews attesting to its effectiveness. .

Covering up to 450 square feet of protection, the Thermacell Mosquito Perimeter System uses heat-activated technology to create a safe zone where you’ll be safe from mosquitoes and their bloody bites. The Thermacell Mosquito Perimeter System is easy to install and only takes about five minutes in total. The Perimeter Kit comes with two repellents that you plant directly in the ground, along with fuel canisters (the real magic of the system!) and repellent mats, which work together to protect your garden from mosquitoes for hours and hours. .

I was a little worried the system might smell overpowering or stand out like an eyesore in my well-appointed yard, but the system is actually scent-free and easily hidden in plain sight, so you won’t even notice it creating its miraculous and anti-mosquito perimeter.

Thermacell anti-mold system

All you have to do is insert the mat and fuel canisters into the repellents and rotate them from stop to start until you see a light come on indicating the system is on . In 15 minutes, your perimeter will be cleared of blood-sucking insects waiting to pierce your skin, and your outdoor fun can begin again.

Although I noticed an immediate difference after installing the system in my backyard – I was able to enjoy a glass of wine on my patio without noticing a single mosquito in my space – I wanted to test the system in a group setting more important. After hosting a summer BBQ and outdoor movie night with a few friends, I was impressed to find no one slapped the air or left covered in mosquito bites.

Impressed with the results and wanting to be even more mosquito proof, I went ahead and installed an additional system in my garden and near our front door to create even more coverage around my house. After all, we have a fish pond in our backyard and a holding tank behind our house, so I know the mosquitoes are always nearby waiting to feed. If you want even more coverage, I would also consider buying Thermacell’s Mosquito Lantern, which works great in conjunction with the Perimeter system.

I hate to realize it only now, but for too long I’ve limped by relying on citronella-scented candles and expensive insect repellent to rid my life of mosquitoes. While these solutions certainly had minor effects, they were nothing less than putting a band-aid on a big problem. Thanks to the effective and easy-to-use Thermacell Perimeter Mosquito Repellent System, I can finally enjoy the outdoors without worrying about how many bug bites I’m going to take home at the end of the day.

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