The Worst Mistakes You Can Make When Redesigning Your Living Room


Providing plentiful surfaces in the living room will ensure functionality and a sense of ease, accommodating long periods of idleness. There are many cocktail table options, including singular, nesting, or modular grouping tables that can be spread around the room when needed. Stylist and designer Emily Henderson suggests the following guidelines: it should be at least twice as long as the sofa, the top should be within 4 inches of the seat height, and there should be no less than 18 inches between the sofa and the dining table. cocktail. Side tables are usually placed at either end of a sofa, while side and drink tables fill smaller spaces. If the room is extremely tight, C-tables and arm tables are great options. Also, a console table against a wall or the back of a sofa could be ideal.

The tables provide ample storage space. With shelves, drawers, doors and tops that open to reveal hidden compartments, various items can be stored to reduce clutter. Plus, consider function – would you like wheels for mobility or an extending tray for eating? If there are young children in the household, rounds and ovals (something without sharp corners) are a good choice.

There are a myriad of styles, price points, and incarnations for living room surfaces; for example, tree stumps, salvaged components and reused parts; a kitchen table with legs sawn to the appropriate height is a fantastic cocktail table. Being creative with a mix of materials, scale and finishes will add depth to the design.

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