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House Flipper is a game where, as the name suggests, you buy and flip houses to resell them for a profit. There are a total of 10 buyers in the base game, and the Apocalypse Flipper DLC adds three more buyers to the game, for a total of 13 buyers.

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The first time you sell to each buyer, get an exploit for them, so exploit hunters will want to try and sell a property to every buyer in the game. Focusing on a single buyer when flipping houses can also ensure you get a lot of profit when flipping properties, but some buyers are harder to please than others.


seven The Jonson family

The Jonson family is the largest family in the game, being a multi-generational family consisting of a grandmother, parents, and three children. For this reason they want a plot of rooms. They prefer to have at least one bedroom for each child (so they don’t have to share it), as well as a few bedrooms for the adults.

Although large families are not unheard of in games, the difficulty with selling to the Jonson family is that they are not the only buying family in the game, and quite often the Smoth family will beat the Jonsons unless you won’t be returning one of the biggest and most expensive houses in the game.

6 Gorgio Shanua

Gorgio is a stylist and because of that he has very particular requirements as to what he likes in a house. For starters, his favorite color is pink, so having lots of pink paint around the house will be a plus for him. But beyond that, he also wants two bathrooms (both with tubs), a closet for all his clothes, and a sauna.

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However, he won’t like it if you include a kitchen in the house, which is an odd request and makes it difficult to meet all his bedroom needs – unless you’re entering a property with the intention to return it specifically for him. It would be nice to see DLC for the game added in the future where you can do a mix of commercial and residential homes, as it would allow for a home-style business for Gorgio.

5 Veronique Liptson

If you’re the type of player who cleans every house from top to bottom when flipping, and you haven’t been able to sell anything to Veronica Liptson yet, maybe that’s why. Unlike other buyers, Veronica has a very low cleanliness standard for properties and likes when homes have a bit of an “artistic mess”, as she calls it. She considers herself an artist at heart, so you’ll need to put yourself in an artist’s mindset if you want to sell to her.

As well as liking things a little messy, she also enjoys paintings and plants, which can often put her in competition with the Jantart family for places, so be sure to leave some clutter and get rid of it. classic style furniture can guarantee that she will buy a place.

4 Maria Kolkowski

Maria is one of the buyers who was added in the Flipper Apocalypse DLC. Because bunker buyers only care about bunkers, changes to the properties the bunkers are attached to don’t matter to them, which can be a bit confusing if you don’t know.

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Unlike the other Apocalypse Flipper buyers, Maria’s interest in the bunker is more about the extended life in the bunker than the dystopian survival vibes enjoyed by the other two buyers. Maria likes to have lots of furniture and decorations in her bunker and hates the presence of weapons. Ensuring enough food is present will also help ensure she buys the property, as you need around 100 food items to appease her. Basically, if it looks like one of the few good chests in Fallout, then you’re on the right track.

3 Jack Tarinton

Jack Tarinton is an investor interested in buying houses just to rent them out to others, which means he likes things to be as cheap as possible. Cheapest furniture, cheapest paint and flooring (if you decide to add paint or flooring), and he’ll actively hate it if you try to add anything expensive.

What makes him a tricky buyer is that, because he is looking for a property to rent, his room needs overlap with a few other buyers, who often outbid him on furniture, cleanliness and of conveniences. This means that unless you know how cheap Jack is, it will be difficult to sell to him.

2 Chang Choi

Chang Choi is a college student looking for accommodation, which means he prefers smaller places that aren’t too expensive. The problem is that his desires for a home overlap with not one, but two other buyers – Dolan and Rafael.

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For this reason, it can be quite difficult to sell him a house. But if you run into trouble, one trick you can use to dissuade Dolan and Rafael is to turn the house into a big kids room and have no other rooms. Just be sure to include some shelving and a desk.

1 The Janart family

The Jantart family is made up of two retirees looking for a small place to settle down, and for this reason they want exactly three bedrooms. More or less, and they start losing interest in the property, so you’ll probably have to change the floor plan in order to get the rooms they want.

They also prefer an older style of furniture, with lots of natural wood, rugs and pictures on the wall, and a very clean property. Finally, adding certain plants can help sell them on a house. Seriously, they love taking care of plants and certainly wouldn’t be the kind of video game character to let them die. Give them at least two plants.

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