The best places to put a litter box in your home


Although many people balk at the idea, the best location for a litter box may be the bedroom, living room, kitchen, or dining room. “I’d rather have a litter box in my bedroom than a cat peeing on my carpet,” said Pam Johnson-Bennett, owner of Cat Behavior Associates. PetMD.

Of the use of these common locations, Jackson Galaxy further explained to Chat, “You must overcome ‘the litter box as an enemy.’ These are the concessions you make when you consider the beautiful results of having a relationship with a cat.”

Galaxy often stresses the importance of what it calls odor absorbers: signs such as soft beds, cat trees, scratching posts and litter boxes, where cats can detect their own smell. Scent imbibers reassure cats that they are safe in their own territory.

“Now the litter box is the king of all scent soakers. It’s where they mark; it’s not just a place to eliminate, it’s a place your cat can identify an item. key to his ownership of this territory”, he explained to modern cat. “Make sure your litter boxes are not just smell soakers, but have enough of them to serve as signposts in socially important parts of the home.” The bedroom and the living room are socially important – the attic and the basement are generally not.

Still not sure if you have a litter box in the living room? Browse “Catify to Satisfy: Simple Solutions to Creating a Cat-Friendly Home” to see photos of a dresser, end table, chest, antique chicken coop, etc., each repurposed to hold a litter box.

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