The Best Living Room Rugs: Style Your Space With Our Top 5 Picks


Living room rugs should ideally match the style of the room, reduce any echo, and (for all apartment dwellers) keep the downstairs neighbors from looking down on you. That’s a lot to ask of a single accessory. Add to that that it has to be the right size for your living room and be easy to clean, and you have a real flush in your hands.

Luckily, we’ve rounded up our favorite living room rugs that tick all of these boxes – we hope you find one you like. Want more living room ideas? Discover our functionality.

1. Oxon hand-tufted beige area rug

A transitional style rug to brighten up neutral tones


Best for: Neutral tones

Color: Beige and cream

Cut: 160cmx230cm

Equipment: Wool blend

Reasons to buy

+ Range of sizes available + African influence in the design

Reasons to avoid

Would be lost in a heavily modeled room

This rug is all about combining a subtle design with a suitable material. The quatrefoil pattern on this rug will introduce a pattern of transitional style into your home. The blocky shapes and beige tones keep it from being too loud, and a few reviewers have mentioned that they use it to lift neutrally decorated rooms. Cotton itself is very durable and, combined with synthetic fibers, should give you a healthy lifespan. Its light coloring may not make it the best choice if it is guaranteed to be in the hazardous area of ​​potential spills and staining substances.

2. John Lewis Kabir Goby carpet

A rustic and traditional rug that brings a classic style


Best for: Classic

Color: Rustic red

Cut: 235cmx170cm

Equipment: Oldest boy

Reasons to buy

+ Traditional rustic tone + Very resistant

Reasons to avoid

May require carpet hold to prevent color transfer

This wool rug brings timeless style to the table. Its pattern and color are classic and, combined with curtains or cushions, will enhance a living room and bring a level of dynamism to the room. Made from 100% wool, it is very durable and will also hold up well as a hearth rug, as the material is naturally fire retardant. If you have a house full of kids, the deep, rustic red will do a good job of hiding minor stains, and the wool itself is easy to clean. The only thing to note is that John Lewis recommends a rug outfit, as the coloring can transfer to light floors.

3. Zephyr woven raw blue area rug

Bring a touch of color to clean white interiors


Best for: White interiors

Color: Beige, blue

Cut: 160cmx230cm

Equipment: Polypropylene

Reasons to buy

+ Adds a soft touch of color + Ideal for linear parts

Reasons to avoid

May require carpet hold

If you like bright interiors, this rug should do the trick. Largely beige with interwoven flecks of blue, the color this rug brings to the room is subtle. Mix in with neutral or gray ombre decor and the room should feel co-ordinated. Made from polypropylene, it is wear and stain resistant, and is strong and durable, making it a great choice for high traffic areas. Reviewers seem to like the style of the rug, but when designed to sit against the floor, some recommend a rug grip and the corners may take a while to flatten out.

Helgar Gray Sheepskin Rug from

(Image credit:

4. Gray sheepskin rug

This rug named Helgar is simple but quite fabulous (and plush)


Best for: Create heat

Color: gray, dark pink, ivory, dark teal

Cut: 600cm x 90cm

Equipment: 100% sheepskin

Reasons to buy

+Spaces with simple interiors+Big size

Reasons to avoid

Can overwhelm some spaces

This 100% natural sheepskin rug is the perfect addition to any living space where you are looking to increase the level of comfort. Say hello to Hygge with Helgar in your home. This natural pile rug will keep your toes more than comfy all year round and with 4 unique colors available whether you want to showcase everything with a trendy piece or just add a little luxury to a neutral paradise, you have found the rug who is going to do just that.

next jute rug

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5. Jute mat

A natural hand-woven rug for bohemian-inspired spaces


Best for: Natural finish

Color: Natural

Cut: from 80cm x 150cm to 200cm x 290cm

Equipment: Jute

Reasons to buy

+Natural finish

Reasons to avoid

Not the most comfortable underfoot

Hand-woven from natural fibers, this 100% jute rug is the perfect addition to a bohemian or sleek space. Available in a variety of sizes ranging from 80cm x 150cm to 200cm x 290cm, you are sure to find a piece that fits your space.

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