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Even if you prefer to keep the walls or floors in your home on the more neutral side, it’s still easy to add texture and color to your upholstery. A plush rug will make your room a lot more comfortable and create a focal point to anchor your furniture (trust us, putting a rug under your coffee table will look a lot smarter – especially in larger rooms where furniture might seem like a mess). little lost otherwise). Larger coverings sometimes have a price tag to match, but if you’re happy to forgo owning an original vintage Persian number, we’ve found plenty of beautiful inexpensive rugs that will help you organize your room plan for under £ 200.

In addition to immediately adding color, texture, and interest to a space, rugs protect against damage, smother footprints on wooden floors, and retain heat in the winter, so your home stays warmer. They can also help to zone areas more effectively. Placing one under your table in an open plan living / dining area is ideal for helping to create a separation between living and dining areas, for example.

So whether you’re looking for a new runner rug for your freshly remodeled hallway, a bedside rug to sink your toes into in the morning, or something to make up for your new outdoor garden bistro, here is our pick of the best rugs not. dear proposed for summer 2020.

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Handmade jute rug

Jute is a very durable material, so it is ideal for high traffic areas and it also works well outdoors. Plus, it’s super trendy right now. We particularly like this H&M number, with its swirling pattern.

Cut: 80cmx140cm
Available colors : Just natural jute


Erin shag rug

From £ 99


If you’re brave enough, putting up a cream or white rug can really brighten up a room – and they look very chic. This deep pile option from Made has a super soft deep pile, so it will give your space a luxurious feel that is perfect for digging in your toes.

Sizes: Small (120cm x 180cm) and large (170cm x 230cm)
Colors: Off-white, gray


Best Sheepskin Rug

Mongolian sheepskin rug

John Lewis & Associates

£ 80.00

No Scandinavian / Nordic style bedroom is complete without a cozy sheepskin draped over an armchair (or over your bed). This chunky, shaggy option comes in that dark gray tone or a more unusual pale purple.

Sizes: 90cmx55cm
Gray, clover


Best bedside rug

Dhira carpet

Abigail Ahern

£ 70.00

Interior designer Abigail Ahern, known for her rich layers and bold tones, is having a mega sale on her site (lots of things are 50% off or even more), including many gorgeous rugs. We especially love this Berber-style option – its longer, slimmer size makes it a great choice to lay at your bedside. For a similar and larger vibe, this rug is also reduced by over £ 400 to just £ 210 – another great deal.

Cut: 70cmx140cm
Black and white


Raya flat-woven cotton table runner

From £ 15


Looking for an inexpensive way to brighten up a dark corner? Want to create a fun layered display under a kitchen table? Flat woven rugs are your friends. Mix several to create your own unique look. If stripes aren’t your style, Habitat also offers a solid tone option in a range of colors and sizes.

Sizes: 65cm x 95cm, 120cm x 180cm, 65cm x 200cm
Colors: Striped green, pink, yellow, blue, black


Tate cotton flatwoven rug

£ 70


Add trendy colors to your space with this flatwoven rug. It would also make a good gift for a student who might need a helping hand adding some color to a drab rental without losing their deposit.

Colors: Just this multicolored option
140cmx200cm, 70cmx200cm


Large poppy field carpet

French connection
£ 155


There are some really gorgeous rugs at French Connection – this pink and faded gray option would look stunning on a wood floor in rooms with more neutral colors. We also loved this crimson vintage style rug made from recycled plastic bottles.


Navy decorative palm tree rug

Cox & Cox
£ 245


So this one is more expensive, but it looks good. It would be a great investment if you are looking for the right finishing touch to go with your Art Deco bar cart.

Colors: Navy and gold
Cut: 160cmx230cm


Cotton and wool Sloan rug

Barker & Stonehouse
From £ 49


We were impressed with the wide range of colors that Barker & Stonehouse had to offer – this subtle geometric rug will suit a range of interiors and there’s bound to be a shade you like.

Sizes: 66cm x 200cm, 100cm x 150cm, 120cm x 170cm, 160cm x 230cm
Colors: There are 11 to choose from


Rocco rugs

Barker & Stonehouse
£ 108


Bring a Moroccan touch to your home with this plush shag rug. We think it would be a great choice under your coffee table.

Sizes: 120cm x 170cm, 160cm x 230cm
Colors: Charcoal, pink, green, mustard, cream, blue


Cassatt flatwoven Kachel area rug

From £ 48


Created in collaboration with artist Jana Kachel, this blue and pink flatwoven rug has a soft, feminine vibe that lends itself well to more bohemian spaces.

Colors: Just that blue and pink mix
Sizes: 2ft x 3ft, 8ft x 10ft, 5ft x 8ft


Caravan mat

From £ 58


This rug is available in a choice of colors, but the purple / mustard combo particularly caught our attention. It’s also available in a good range of sizes, so whether you want it for your dining room, hallway, or as a bed runner you should be sorted.

Sizes: 2ft x 3ft, 3ft x 5ft, 4ft x 6ft, 5ft x 8ft, 8ft x 10ft
Colors: Purple, white, green


Tufted mahina rug

£ 498

We couldn’t resist the idea of ​​adding one more Anthropologie rug here – the brand’s love for a good pattern lends itself so well to a rug. This one is more of a splurge, but its large size (it’s 8 feet long) means it will make a bold piece for your living room.


Cut: 5 ft x 8 ft
Colors: Just that teal / orange combo


Indian rug in recycled cotton rag

Starts at £ 29.99


Here is another greener option than those made from synthetic weaves. This lovely FairTrade rag rug has been handcrafted from recycled cotton – and prices start at under £ 30.

Sizes: 60cm x 90cm, 90cm x 150cm
Colors: Green, blue, pink, black


Indari outdoor rugs

From £ 69


Summer is here and we will all be making full use of our gardens this year (especially if the lockdown goes on for much longer). Create a suitable indoor / outdoor atmosphere by adding an outdoor rug to your patio. While it’s designed to withstand the elements, it’s always best to tuck it inside if it really starts to rain, but the material is easy to clean.

Colors: 90cm x 130cm, 140cm x 200cm, 170cm x 240cm
Pink, ocher

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