The 7 Best Websites for Design and Architectural Inspiration


If you are looking for design and architectural inspiration for your next renovation or construction project, there are plenty of websites you can browse.

Interior design and architecture have both come a long way in recent years. Whether you’re planning to start construction on land or just looking to renovate your home, it’s usually a good idea to do your research first.

Here are seven websites you can visit to get your architecture and design inspiration.

Screenshot of Designboom homepage

Designboom is one of the most popular magazines on the web featuring innovative designs and projects from many industries. You won’t find that architectural inspiration in this magazine; it also highlights design breakthroughs in other industries including technology and art.

Designboom doesn’t just focus on lavish buildings. It also showcases innovative design practices in modest housing. You’ll find plenty of in-depth features, breaking news and stories, as well as one-on-one interviews with top professionals.

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Designboom has been around since 1999 and with an international audience of over 3.5 million monthly readers, it’s a great platform to check out whether you’re looking for design or architectural inspiration.

Screenshot of Archdaily's homepage

Archdaily is one of the greatest resources for architects, designers, and homeowners looking for a little creativity. Whether it’s talking about best new architectural practices or detailing historic architecture, this is a magazine that hosts a wealth of information.


For architects, Archdaily has a treasure trove of ideas and design inspiration. Archdaily organizes projects from all over the world, including full details of the material used, the area covered, and the inspirations behind the original design.

Whether you are planning to renovate your living room or want to set up a patio, you will find all kinds of design inspiration in Archdaily. Lots of features are also written by renowned architects, so you can get unique perspectives from professionals in the industry.

Screenshot of Houzz's homepage

Houzz is one of the best places to find design ideas, new products, and even find local professionals in your area for construction or remodeling. Think of Houzz as an all-in-one online hub for finding beautiful home designs and innovative products.

Houzz is also a great place for architects or interior designers. The popularity of the platform led founders Adi and Alon to create Houzz Pro, which is essentially a marketing tool for home decor professionals. It includes a project management tool and a CRM combined into one.

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Houzz also has its own furniture market where you can buy all kinds of things including sofas, seats, lights, beds, dressers, rugs, kitchen accessories, and more.

Screenshot of Apartment Therapy homepage

Apartment Therapy is a fantastic home and decor website launched by Maxwell Ryan two decades ago. It started out as a weekly newsletter and eventually became a media company in 2004.

Today, Apartment Therapy offers more than just a newsletter. You can find expert home design tips, how-to DIY guides, buying recommendations, and tons of photos of different living spaces.

Every day, Apartment Therapy puts online a new guided tour of the house submitted by its readers. The images are completely real (not even professionally styled) and feature homes of all sizes, from massive multi-story mansions to small apartments with comfortable decor.

From learning how to organize and clean your home, to styling interior spaces, Apartment Therapy contains a lot of amazing information.

Curbed started life as an urban design blog in 2006 by Lockhart Steele. In just four years, he became a hit among interior design enthusiasts and launched a comprehensive website.

The brand is famous for its annual Curbed Cup competition, in which the website selects the best neighborhood in different cities. Curbed was acquired by Vox Media in 2013 and was incorporated into New York Magazine in 2020.

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Whether you’re looking for design or just fancy a light read on new architectural trends, Curbed has it all.

From discussions of retail architectural designs to reviews of art exhibitions, you’ll find plenty of interesting editorials and blog posts on the platform. Curbed also has a fantastic gift guide, with new recommendations added regularly.

Screenshot of Dezeen's homepage

Dezeen is one of the most popular internet magazines that focuses on interiors, architecture and design. With a monthly reader base of three million and six million social media subscribers, Dezeen is one of the greatest sources of inspiration for architects and interior designers.

The online magazine carefully curates and selects content, showcasing some of the best interior design and architecture projects from around the world.

Dezeen Jobs and Dezeen Awards also fall under the magazine, providing opportunities and recognition for the world’s best architecture and design projects.

Whether you are looking for inspiration for remodeling your office space or just need some ideas on how to decorate an upland chalet, you will find it all in Dezeen. It also does an annual roundup, featuring some of the best-designed commercial buildings and homes from around the world.

Screenshot of Architectural Digest homepage

Founded in 1920, Architectural Digest is one of the oldest running magazines that focuses primarily on landscaping and interior design. The magazine is available in print and digital form, so you can choose whatever medium you prefer.

Architectural Digest offers content from around the world, from reviews and tours of celebrity homes to lifestyle tips and advice. You can expect consistent coverage of all things interior design and architecture from Architectural Digest. They also cover high-end real estate news.

With nine international editions released in different parts of the world, Architectural Digest is definitely one to follow if you need design inspiration.

There’s no shortage of inspiration online

Whenever you run out of inspiration, turn to the web! This is just a small list of some of the best design websites out there, but it all depends on what interests you. Interior design is quite subjective, but these resources will give you some ideas on what you can do with your interior space.

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