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The new hit game Wander has quickly gained popularity as a charming adventure for cat lovers that lets its players experience life from a feline perspective. There’s nothing more feline than scratching at everything in sight. It seems that the developers of Wander would agree, as they added an in-game trophy for that very purpose.

Wander players looking to earn the “Territory” trophy will need to interact with a scratch point in all 12 chapters. However, this is easier said than done, as some chapters only have one scratch point each. With that in mind, here are some scratch point suggestions to help players get the “Territory” trophy.

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Chapter 1 – Inside the Wall

At the start of the game, when players are walking through the starting area with a group of other cats, there will be a tree along the way where players can do their first scratch of the game.

Chapter 2 – The Dead City

As the player’s cat progresses through Chapter 2, it will eventually knock over paint cans in order to break a glass ceiling below. This opens up a room where players can find a mat they can scratch off.

Chapter 3 – The Apartment

From the start of this chapter, players will be able to find a scratching mat in the living room of the apartment. The living room is straight along the main path from where the cat first enters the apartment, so this one is hard to miss.

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Chapter 4 – Slums

There are several scratch points all around the slums, so it’s very likely that most players will find a few while exploring the area, especially for those looking for the score to get the Meowlody Trophy. A good option, however, is the mat just inside the garage door behind the Guardian.

Chapter 5 – Roofs

At the start of this chapter, immediately after the cat lowers a bucket near Momo’s apartment to gain access to the rooftops, there is a mat that can be scratched to the left of the player.

Chapter 6 – The slums, part 2

Players return to the slums for this chapter, so every scratch point they found before is available again. However, during this chapter, players will need to complete a quest to help a robot named Elliot fix a broken tracker, and scratching at Elliot’s door to meet him counts for the trophy.

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Chapter 7 – Dead End

Dead End is a fast-paced chapter with only one scratch spot. Once the cat has finally arrived at Doc’s lab, go down to the lower level and find the section of wall that can be scratched next to Doc’s office.

Chapter 8 – The Sewers

During this chapter, in a section full of Zurks and big scary eyes, B-12 has to hack two terminals to open the door leading to the exit. Just past that door, the only scratchable spot in this chapter is a piece of cardboard at the top of the stairs. This cardboard blends in a bit with the surrounding trash, so make sure you don’t go over it.

Chapter 9 – Antivillage

Chapter 9’s Antvillage is another settlement area with plenty of scratch options. An easy to find painting is a board leaning against a wall next to two robots sitting on a bunk bed. Players who keep an eye out for these robots as they enter the city should see them in one of the open rooms.

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Chapter 10 – Downtown

Once again, Midtown has more than enough scratch points to find through normal neighborhood play. A great option, however, is to go through a large open door to the right as the cat enters the town. There’s a robot sitting on a couch reading a book, and that couch is a scratching place.

Chapter 11 – Jail

Luckily, for these final two chapters of the game, scratching is actually required to progress through the story, so these locations can’t be missed. Towards the end of the Jail chapter, the cat will have to scratch the door of a truck to get Clementine’s attention. This counts for the trophy.

Chapter 12 – Control Room

Finally, during the control room chapter, B-12 will hack a panel and the cat will have to scratch exposed cables to open a door. For players who managed to get scratch points in all other chapters through Wanderthe Territory Trophy will be unlocked.

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