Roborock Q-Series robot vacuums support seasonal allergies with LiDAR, Auto Empty Dock Pure, more (save up to 23%)


Regularly cleaning the floors in your home is the best way to deal with seasonal allergies, but frustrating vacuuming maintenance can slow you down. Roborock supports you with its new mid-range Q5 and Q5+ robot vacuum cleaners. With auto-drain compatibility, multi-level mapping, and smart app control, the Roborock Q5+ can deliver up to seven weeks of hands-free cleaning at an affordable price.

Smart app control

Q5 Series smart vacuums work with Roborock’s smart app to deliver features like 3D mapping and one-touch routines. Advanced LiDAR technology powers Roborock’s PresiSense feature, allowing you to create no-go zones, invisible walls, and different floors in multi-level homes. This allows you to customize and customize the Roborock Q5 to suit your vacuuming needs.

For example, you can program Roborock Q5 and Q5+ to vacuum specific parts at specific times according to your needs and habits. Roborock even offers suction power control when customizing cleaning routines.

Roborock’s smart vacuum also works well with smart home voice assistants. You can assign tasks in the app to be triggered with voice commands using Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and even Apple’s Siri.

Reduce exposure to allergens

For allergy sufferers, Roborock’s Q5 and Q5+ Robot vacuums are great for automating floor cleaning. The Q5 Series’ 2700Pa suction capacity sucks up pet hair, dust and dander from carpets and rugs so you can enjoy a clean home, and the automation of the process means you can easily clean your floors throughout the week as recommended.

Roborock Q5 and Q5+ automatically go home to recharge after completing a cleaning job, and Q5+ adds a 2.5L dust bag with the self-emptying docking station. This allows the Roborock Q5+ to empty into the dust bag as it fills up, allowing you to significantly reduce exposure to allergens. The Auto-Empty Dock is very convenient, but it also helps prevent exposure to allergens that trigger your allergies.

Q-Series Availability

The Roborock Q5 series brings the luxury of automating floor cleaning to more people with its affordable prices.

The mid-range Q5 retails for $429.99. Readers can take advantage of a 23% discount until May 23 to bring the price to $329.99. The Roborock Q5+ includes the Pure Auto Empty Dock with up to seven weeks of hands-free cleaning. The retail price is $699.99 and readers can enjoy $100 off $599.99 now until May 23.

Roborock also recently introduced four other Q-Series models with basic mopping features: Q7 ($529), Q7+ ($799), Q7 Max ($599) and Q7 Max+ ($869). Each Max model boosts suction power to 4700Pa, and Q7+ and Q7 Max+ include Pure Auto Empty Dock like Roborock Q5+.

We highly recommend the Roborock Q5+ to budget-conscious shoppers who can benefit from easier floor cleaning and less exposure to allergens. Take advantage of the limited-time discount to enjoy seven weeks of hands-free floor cleaning with Roborock’s robot vacuum.

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Roborock Q5+ robot vacuum cleaner

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