Playful summer rugs to accessorize your home this season


Seasonal home remodeling is one thing, and rugs are an important item to focus on when you’re about to change things up. Summer brings a sense of dynamism to the decor, which means comfort can remain but not the one that makes us feel lazy. And that means saying goodbye to wools, velvets and winter colors. Instead, accessorize your home with burlaps, kilims and bright colors.

To inspire you, here are five types of summer flooring that you can add to your mood board now!

Summer rugs to invest in this season

Mandala rugs

Add a touch of tribal art to your living room with these mandala summer rugs. You can never go wrong with mandala art, and these circular rugs prove it. With bold pops of hue captured in symmetrical patterns, these traditional print rugs can instantly grab your attention the moment you enter the space. Pair mandala rugs with bohemian-themed furniture and fabrics. You can throw in a pair of ottomans and ottomans with a few pom pom pillows, and you’re good to go.

Kilim rugs

Summers are the perfect time to welcome Kilim rugs into your home. A form of vintage Persian decor, these beautiful floor coverings are also very popular in modern times. Kilims are flat weaves and have a very vibrant feel, which can instantly elevate the mood of any corner of your home. All thanks to its distinctive patterns, Kilim rugs can easily be used in your kitchens, bathrooms and even outdoors.

Custom rugs

If you’re too afraid to experiment and want to keep it subtle and stylish, bespoke rugs are for you. It’s a perfect choice for this season as they give a soothing vibe with neutral tones. Such rugs can go with almost any setting, whether chic or modern. Moreover, bespoke rugs are customizable and come with multiple digital prints and patterns, which you can select as per your choice. However, classic bespoke rugs are mostly available in gray hues, earthy shades and dull tones.

Jute rug

Jutes have been favorites of coastal retreats. And one of those coveted design pieces is “the option” if you want to add a touch of drama to your empty space. Jute rugs are generally eco-friendly and come in different shapes and sizes to give your home a comfortable and simple look. One of the best things about these summer mats is that they are easy to clean, eco-friendly and can be placed anywhere.

Geometric print rugs

Geometric and checkered rugs are very fashionable these days. Above all, when you want to up the ambience of your space, these modern and vibrant pieces are the answer. Area rugs with pops of color pop here and there can easily make any space tempting. Carpets with geometric prints can contrast very well with your plain furniture.

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