Nina Takesh Just Launched A Brand New Collection With Ruggable – Here Are Our 3 Favorite Picks


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Los Angeles-based designer Nina Takech is known for its chic, modern aesthetic and Parisian-inspired style. “I’ve always had a fondness for timeless design that stays true to historically accurate detail and architecture. In my opinion, paying homage to these classic elements of design always lends itself to an outcome that looks very high. range,” she says.

Now Takesh brings a bit of that modern romance to its brand new collection with Robust. Takesh says she was drawn to this partnership because of Ruggable’s high-quality, washable, and hassle-free rugs that come at an accessible price. “I believe that everyone should have access to beauty in their life. As a luxury designer with a large audience, being able to offer my designs at an affordable price is something that excites me. The thought of people receiving my rugs and bringing joy and happiness to their homes really warms my heart.”

Takesh thinks there’s a need in the design space for beautiful rugs that feel high-end, but are also affordable and low-maintenance. “Often mats with this [high-end] aesthetics are made of silk or materials whose cost has been prohibitive, until now. With the Ruggable x Nina Takesh collection, you get the best of both worlds. No one would ever know from looking at these rugs that they are as durable or as affordable as they are, which was exactly what I wanted when designing this elevated collection,” adds the designer.

the machine washable chenille rugs are available in eight rectangular sizes and 12 different designs. Takesh’s collection uses linear and geometric patterns in subtle colors to create an understated style that can be used in any room. She explains, “They are all very seamless in nature, which allows them to be displayed seamlessly across multiple rooms in the home. For example, in my own kitchen, I have two runners from two different collections that look fantastic together.

Takesh says his Ruggable collection was inspired by Parisian architecture, cocktail parties at the The Bar of the Hôtel de Crillon Les AmbassadeursMichelin starred Apicius-Restaurantand the Orsay Museum. “This rug collection is so special to me, it really is the ultimate expression of my personality through design. It is, basically, my love letter to Paris, the city that has shaped me and my life in many ways,” she says. “There are so many items in this collection that are deeply personal to my story. From the geometric shapes found in the Lune rugs that remind me of my family’s home in the south of France designed by Jacques Couelle, to the black and white paint splatter pattern of my very first pair of low heels. I really put my heart and soul into this collection.

Here are our three favorite picks from the Nina Takesh x Ruggable collection:

Nina Takesh Villette Sage Rug

We love that the geometric pattern references classic Art Deco designs while the varying shades of green give it a fresh feel. This clever contrast would add interest and balance to any room.

Seine Rug Camel & Ivory Nina Takesh

Takesh says this rug is his favorite from the collection, and we can see why. The Seine Camel and Ivory rug is inspired by the Seine in Paris, and the wavy lines reflect the calming movement of water for a captivating focal point.

Nina Takesh Moon Slate Blue Rug

This dreamy slate blue and pearl gray rug was inspired by the night sky. The design is reminiscent of the different lunar phases and the subtle contrast adds understated interest.

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