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Nathan for you is one of the best comedy shows of the 2010s. Developed from a premise that first surfaced as a section of the Canadian comedy show This hour has 22 minutes, it started life as a clever and hilarious parody of reality TV and life hacking gurus, but gradually grew into a more complex and profound proposition, making us think about the nature of “reality” TV and to the lengths the subjects are willing to go to bend this reality to please television producers. Sometimes sketches would end up seeping out of control into our reality, making headlines and going viral. While comic pranksters like the Donkey crew and Eric Andre are experts to make us laugh our opinion, Nat for you does so cohesively while simultaneously being multifaceted and surprisingly deep. Here are 11 times Nathan Fielder and his team went above and beyond, making us laugh, think, or just shake our heads in disbelief at the ridiculous yet quite brilliant marketing plans he’s crafted for small businesses.


Free pizzas


In the very first episode, Nathan gets to work trying to turn around a pizzeria’s fortunes with a classic gamble: If the pizza isn’t delivered within eight minutes, you get a free pizza. Who wouldn’t go for this deal? What’s not explained until the point of delivery is that the free pizza is about 1 inch in diameter, presented in a scaled-down box by the frankly brave delivery man to increasingly outraged customers.

Service station discount


Nathan comes to the rescue of a small gas station owner with an innovative new concept to bring in customers: $1.75 a gallon of gas – after rebate. However, claiming the refund is a little tricky, as it involves hiking the hills with Nathan. A remarkable number of sidekicks follow Nathan into the woods and camp overnight in pursuit of their cheap gasoline. Memorably, the episode ends with the gas station owner who seems to leave Fielder genuinely perplexed when he randomly announces his belief that if you’re ever scared, you should drink a small child’s urine. From the ridicule of refund shipping to the conclusion of effluence-drink, the cumulative effect is the suspicion that Nat for you perhaps deserves as much skepticism about the presentation of reality as the kind of shows it satirizes.

Haunted house


Unimpressed with the level of fear achieved by a standard haunted house, Nathan decides to make the world’s scariest mansion in a bid to have the company sued for being too scary, and thus receive a free press. How? By convincing the customers, they will actually die of a contagious disease, including being whisked away in indiscriminate panic in a very realistic quarantine via ambulance. Completely insane and engrossing television, although it seems that if anyone was going to be sued, it was the production company behind it. Nathan for you.

The claw of shame


Towards the end of the first season, Fielder breaks with the format in order to prove that he is willing to take big risks, as he expects from the companies he usually “helps”. To that end, he enlists a robotics expert and various other bewildered accomplices to stage a Houdini-style escape that, if he fails, will result in his genitals being exposed to a small audience of young children. and his immediate arrest as a sex offender. In addition to repeating deadpan references to the complete lack of a good reason to do anything, the episode elicits great laughs when Nathan learns that the operating system controlling the robot is Windows 95, the ‘one of the few times he seems to have cold feet. this totally useless effort.

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mute starbucks


One of the most notable occasions when Fielder’s reality warping crept into our real lives, Dumb Starbucks was his ingenious way of saving a cafe that was struggling to compete with big chains, by creating the world’s first parody cafe. It worked like a normal cafe, but everything was “Dumb” – Dumb Frappuccino for example. The stunt has caught national media attention, not the first time the made-up reality of Nat for you was legitimized by a hardcore news outlet, before being shut down apparently due to health concerns, although it is claimed that Starbucks had considered taking legal action.

Summit Ice Clothing


Upon discovering he was wearing designer clothes with an organization with publicized ties to a Holocaust denier, a mortified Nathan sets out to make amends by launching a quality outerwear brand with the dual purpose of be stylishly comfortable and raise awareness to the Nazi masses. genocide. Nathan is apparently quite sincere and unable to understand why anyone might find the company in poor taste as he creates an in-store display featuring the new brand of clothing, bone-filled ovens and swastikas, all incredibly supervised by an enthusiastic Rav. The brand’s website is still apparently up and running, in another example of the fantasy come true.



One of the best episodes of all time Nathan for you, in which Nathan is tasked with improving the efficiency of a moving company. Arguing that there is little difference between the physical labor of a gym membership or a move, Fielder uses a ghostwriter of questionable skill and a bodybuilder to create an entirely fabricated story The Movement – a complete workout of the body made by moving people. goods from one house to another. As with all the best episodes, the amount of convoluted twists the scheme goes through, and the sheer weirdness of the people Nathan manages to find (again from Craiglist), result in multiple belly laughs, and the bizarre tie-in book created to give premise credit is still available for purchase on Amazon.

Smoking allowed


A smoking ban has taken its toll on a neighborhood bar, so Nathan comes up with a foolproof plan: by placing two chairs behind a theater curtain and selling tickets to two eager theatergoers, he can use the “law of theatre” to allow customers to smoke on the pretext that their evening at the bar is a production of a play announced aloud under the title “Smokers Allowed”. Still determined to take an idea to the extreme, Fielder feels the performance is almost there, but decides to replicate the actions of the opening night patrons and the bartender, employing actors. This leads to a scene in which the socially anxious Nathan repeatedly asks an actress to tell him she loves him until he seems to genuinely start crying. It’s the kind of moment that elevates the show far beyond average comedy and into a realm of its own, both hilarious and oddly touching.

The hero


Surely the boldest plot yet, in “The Hero”, Nathan decides to take a completely unremarkable man, Corey, and prove he has a hero in him to make him do something huge with his life, without actually involving him in any of the heroic behavior. Nathan performs all the daring acts while wearing a rubber mask of Corey’s face, with Corey hidden in plain sight, mostly in an RV in the middle of a desert, until the final reveal. Not only does Nathan convince Corey’s grandparents that their grandson has walked a tightrope between two tall buildings multiple times, but he also gets into a romantic relationship on Corey’s behalf and then encourages the real man to pursue her. . The ability to discern between what really happened and the extent to which events were manipulated becomes increasingly tenuous.

The story


Fearing his skills in storytelling on late-night talk shows will be lacking, Nathan blows thousands of dollars in order to ensure that a carefully planned series of events (involving an oversized suit and human remains ) could take place, purely in order for him to have a vaguely amusing and totally unbelievable story to tell a baffled jimmy kimmel. That the story came out as a normal Kimmel segment some time before the Nat for you the aired episode added weight to the eventual all-in draw, as the entire audience realized they had been taken in by a Fielder prank of enormous proportions; the episode also offered a sly commentary on the ridiculousness of the late-night talk show circuit and the pretense that natural conversation was taking place.

Finding Frances


“Finding Frances” is a feature film finale filled with pathos, heart and the appearance of an unconvincing character Bill Gates copycat. The series’ swan song is a dark, melancholy docudrama that earnestly dwells on topics such as romance, love, regret and the passage of time, as Nathan attempts to find love lost Frances. of Gates impersonator’s youth. The episode features a few laughs, but the real surprise here is the sheer emotion of the story unfolding. The inability to determine which elements are real, which are manipulations of events, and which are entirely fabricated and scripted, reaches its natural climax here, and there is even a satisfying emotional conclusion to Fielder’s own story of his struggles. to connect with humans in a meaningful way – even if that means paying an escort to simulate a human connection. Wait – it’s just a stupid comedy, isn’t it? Bad.


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