Mum saves £3,000 on living room refurbishment thanks to B&M and Wickes bargains


Cheryl Hargate wanted to spruce up her living room after buying a new couch from Sofology. She spent £2,500 on the whole DIY project but reckons she saved £3,000

Cheryl Hargate is thrilled with her new living room

If you’re considering a home makeover, take inspiration from this money-saving mom of four and her amazing living room makeover.

Cheryl Hargate, 41, an office manager in Sheffield, estimates she saved £3,000 by fitting out her living room.

She saved money by having her boyfriend and a friend do most of the heavy DIY work, with the transformation costing her £2,500 in total.

Cheryl has also cut costs by shopping at budget retailer B&M and buying plasterboard at DIY chain Wickes.

The money-conscious mum wanted to give her living room a huge overhaul after deciding she wanted a new sofa.

Cheryl started by emptying the room


Cheryl told the Facebook group to save money DIY on a budget UK “Honestly, I hadn’t expected to do such a big job.

“My old sofa was 18 years old and I desperately needed a new one. I have four children and four dogs so I wanted a large corner sofa.

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“That meant my library had to go, so I needed a place to put ‘pretty things’.

“Suddenly it turned into a huge job. I kept finding things I hated, so I figured if I was doing damage, I might as well do it right.

Cheryl said one of the biggest issues was putting her stuff away during the makeover


The whole project cost £2,500


Cheryl started by emptying the room, knocking down the ceiling and returning the main wall to the brickwork, then removing the old radiators.

She then had the electricity installed, the pipes for the radiators driven into the walls and the ceiling clad in plasterboard.

After that, Cheryl had the shelves built and the whole room skimmed so the light fixtures could be drilled and attached to the wiring.

The next step was to baseboards and paint everything.

This is what the living room looks like now


Cheryl says she saved around £3,000


“To be honest, the worst part was the mess and finding somewhere to go while it was done,” she said.

“I really struggle with dirt and germs, so I found the most difficult. All the things in my room that I had before, so they didn’t cost me anything extra.

“I used loads of plasterboard and wood from Wickes, and we got new radiators, new carpets and blinds and the whole room was plastered. I had all the other stuff, so I got them. remodeled, for example by painting the TV stand.

“I also added some insulation to the ceiling before I put the plasterboard. Hopefully that will help with energy consumption.”

Cheryl said the most expensive purchases were two heaters which cost £340 each from Best Heating.

She also bought a mirror for £100 from William Wood Mirrors, blinds for £300 from English Blinds, paint for £90 from Farrow and Ball, throws from B&M for £60 and carpet for £300 from a local carpet fitter.

The couch was from Sofology.

“Everything else that I already had and acquired over the years,” Cheryl explained.

“I’m very proud of my boyfriend: he’s a freelance mechanic and he did all the mucking for me, then all the building work like building the shelves and putting up the plasterboard.

“A friend did the plastering and I did the painting. My boyfriend did it with no complaints but made me promise never to knock down a ceiling again.

“Excluding the sofa, the whole transformation cost around £2,500, with the radiators being the biggest expense.

“We saved at least £3,000 doing most things ourselves rather than hiring the professionals.”

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