Kaka Overseas Limited’s EDs are key to their success in the carpet industry

After making a name for itself in India, Kaka Overseas Limited is expanding its reach into the international market. Kaka Overseas Limited’s ED Exotic Designs are key to their success as they offer a wealth of rug designs ideal for any room in the home, specializing in Indo-Tibbett, Indo-Gabbe, Hand Knotted hand, hand tufted and persian of the highest quality. They offer exceptional quality and hard to find designs. They offer a wide range of mats in terms of shape, quality and material. Due to these different qualities and types, they have risen to the top of the carpet business in India.

Kaka Overseas Limited’s quality and policy of putting the customer first has also made it a household name in the carpet industry in the United States. They supply and help consumers even after the goods have been sold. If the customer has a problem, he is assisted within 24 hours. With the use of rugs, they represent and spread Indian culture to various parts of the world. These rugs introduce Indian culture to the rest of the world and promote India to other countries.

Respectful of people and the environment

The substance of the carpet is the most important element in determining the quality of the carpet. The materials used to make their rugs come from sources that provide high quality raw materials, which helps to improve the designs of the rugs. Colors are the second component that affects the quality of rugs; the color combination enhances the quality of the material while enhancing the designs of the rugs. They use materials that are both environmentally friendly. Chemicals are increasingly part of our daily lives and have a constant impact on human health. They cause more harm to humans than good, but Kaka Overseas Limited does not compromise the health of its customers as their health and safety come first. The colors used in the mats are certified organic and are healthy for users. Customers had no negative reactions to the colors. The color mixing is done by hand and no chemicals were used in the process of making the rug color.

Wool, cotton, polyester, polypropylene, silk, jute, synthetics and leather are some of the raw materials used by Kaka Overseas Limited to create realistic rugs. They also used a combination of materials to increase the endurance of the rugs, such as wool and silk or wool and polyester. These rug combinations are accessible with them in unique designs that are hard to find.

Designs to beautify every home

With its various patterns and styles, Kaka Overseas Limited has carved out a place for itself in the rug market. They offer a wide range of designs to choose from, as well as different designs for different occasions and to adorn every room in the house, including the living room, kitchen, bedroom and guest room. Their rugs will transform a dull palate into something more authentic and intriguing. Vintage, floral and Persian rugs are among the designs available. All vintage rugs are painstakingly hand woven by some of the most skilled artisans in the world. These timeless masterpieces are a leaf in the long history of this art form, rich in color, texture, design and feel. These vintage woven jewels can brighten up a room in a huge way. Show them off as treasured additions to your collection.

The floral collection is inspired by the world around us; it is influenced by the environment and is intimately linked to it. They remind humans to take care of the environment so that their environment is beautiful, as well as an inspiration for humans to work for the environment through small acts such as seeking nature.

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