Jaipur Rugs flagship store in Bengaluru is a modern homage to the Pink City


Khosla and Anand also took creative cues from the rugs themselves. A closer look at the Banswara marble wall at the entrance reveals relief work depicting frangipani leaves. “One of the rugs that [architect and interior designer] Shantanu Garg had designed for Jaipur Rugs caught our eye. We asked Shantanu for the original artwork which we then simplified and handed over to Orvi Design Surfaces in Jaipur to engrave in marble,” says Khosla. The showstopper, however, can be found presiding over the seating area in the center of the showroom. Rajasthani architectural motifs from designer Matteo Cibic’s Wunderkammer collection have been customized and transformed into a 37-foot-long hand-knotted rug that functions as a mural. Together with the marble diwan, it creates a royal scene without overshadowing other screens.

A 37-foot-long rug, which is a reinterpretation of Matteo Cibic’s Wunderkammer collection for Jaipur Rugs, forms the backdrop to the seating area. The salmon, pistachio green and gray color palette ensures perfect harmony with the rest of the showroom.

Shamanthe Patil J

Shamanthe Patil J

The love of light and the harmony of interior and exterior is a signature of Khosla Associates. When they visited the site, the architects were delighted to find an abundance of natural light flooding in from three sides. “This also mainly from the north and east which is the best quality of soft light. It was an important criterion in the choice of space,” notes Anand. The challenge then was to temper it to best adapt it to the showroom. Sheer white linen curtains control the penetration of sunlight to the periphery. Planters provide greenery but also do their part to filter light. “We also positioned freestanding walls that would cut out harsh light in certain places and serve as displays,” he adds.

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