Inside Carol Vorderman’s incredible Bristol home with outdoor pool, huge living room and chic kitchen as she sells it


COUNTDOWN star Carol Vorderman showed off her home in Bristol, complete with outdoor pool, chic kitchen and huge living room.

The TV hostess shared a series of snapshots from inside her awe-inspiring mansion as she revealed she was selling the house – dubbed Sloblock Hall – in a touching post.


Carol shared awesome snaps from her home in BristolCredit: Instagram
She revealed she was selling Sloblock Hall after 15 years


She revealed she was selling Sloblock Hall after 15 yearsCredit: Instagram

Carol, 60, told her Instagram followers how she was to say goodbye to her beloved home for the last time after it went to market.

The former TV host said she was a “lucky woman” to have had so many years “to have fun” inside the magnificent property.

She wrote of the collection of photographs: “Goodbye my happy place. So many wicker parties, so many brilliant memories. I am a lucky woman.

“Now I move on to new adventures. I wish the new family who call you home now happiness, health and laughter.”

Carol then revealed that she would soon be leaving the property she had “somehow built” over a decade ago for her family.

Sharing a collection of snapshots of the home’s interior, fans were treated to a glimpse of the sprawling kitchen with black wood cabinetry and marble countertops.

Crystal-covered chandeliers could be seen illuminating the huge room, which had been carefully decorated with candles and flowers.

A second shot of the kitchen revealed a curved kitchen island perfect for entertaining guests, as well as a skylight to let in natural luminescence.

The mother-of-two also showed off the beautiful living room, which has a curved wall covered with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the huge garden.

Sofas had been neatly placed around a log fire, with a large dining table also arranged in the open plan space.

The gorgeous room had been attached with a plush cream rug and rugs to match the cream velvet curtains and throw pillows.

Meanwhile, aerial shots showed the masses of outdoor space, including a perfectly mowed lawn and a huge swimming pool.

Another snapshot saw the countdown star pose by the blue water’s edge, in front of a gorgeous pool house used to entertain guests.

Carol went on to reveal that she herself named the property Sloblock Hall thanks to a countdown parody that provided inspiration.

She shared a video of the clip showing themselves, Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie performing in part of the pun as she spelled out “BOLLOCSK” on the board.

Despite the obvious note of colorful language, when the 30-second timer went off, the joke clip didn’t see any of the players guessing the eight-letter answer.

“Today I sold and said goodbye to a house I built 15 years ago,” she wrote. “The house of a thousand parties. I named it SLOBLOCK HALL.

“Check out this Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie clip and the very first Richard Whitely and me parody. SLOBLOCK became our countdown swear word after that.

“So I named my house after that – life, ego and showbiz and taking you too seriously … SLOBLOCK HALL, which means it’s all b ***** s. “

Carol ended her post with a sign that had been hammered on a tree outside her house after she “walked past the board” to formalize the name.

“I never thought I would get the name after the board nominating committee, but I did because I didn’t tell them what it meant,” she revealed.

“Life is too short. Made me laugh every time I walked through the doors.”

The star took to Instagram with stunning photos of her home


The star took to Instagram with stunning photos of her homeCredit: Instagram
Carol said she was "fortunate" to have had a lot "Wild parties" in the huge mansion


Carol said she was “lucky” to have had many “wild parties” in the huge mansionCredit: Instagram
Carol revealed that she named the house


Carol revealed that she named the house “sloblock” after a countdown episodeCredit: Getty
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