Inside artist Hannah Polskin’s home


Artist Hannah Polskin has built its reputation on undulating shapes and sinuous lines. Painted spots swirling around each other. Mirrors with frames cut in the form of splashes. In his own West Hollywood home, these structures live in a space that is quite the opposite: harsh lines, concrete floors and bare walls ripe for display.

In fact, it is one of the main functions of space, aside from one’s personal residence. Polskin treats her West Hollywood studio as a rotating showroom where she can display her art in the context of a home. The artist has transformed the second floor into a studio, so the first floor has become his gallery. “I’m going to bring in people who want to see work in the flesh,” she said.

Polskin creates new art forms in his studio and experiments with them in his downstairs laboratory. The living room is “probably my most ambitious space,” says Polskin. In front of a glass garage door, the central space is where she first experimented with rugs in the form of a chocolate-colored riff on cowhide with its characteristic wavy border. Polskin first hung one of his works on chains here too. “I just wanted to lengthen and exaggerate this wall to make it a statement wall,” she explains. “I found a way to mount the art in a completely different way.”

This sense of experimentation is a common thread in the textile that is his home. She massaged her artistic offering to encompass mirrors and shelving by testing them in her bedroom and entryway. But the process of displaying these pieces is as much about what isn’t there as what is.

“My eye always wants minimalism,” says Polskin. So much so that it will sacrifice function to achieve it. Take her kitchen island, for example, which Polskin partially built and then resined herself. “I intentionally designed without storage because I just wanted to have that spotlight on the painted treatment.”

This ever-changing creative environment that some might call chaotic calms Polskin’s creative spirit. “Nothing is ever fixed here,” she muses. “I like to sit down at the end of a long day and look around and imagine what could be.” Keep scrolling to get a glimpse of Polskin’s workspace and home.

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