I’m an interior designer – 10 things that make your home look cheap and why you should NEVER have vertical blinds


YOU may think your home looks super fancy, but you could be wrong.

If you want to avoid falling into the interior design traps that make your home look cheap, there are a few rules to follow.


Wayna shared her helpful tips on YouTubeCredit: YouTube

This interior expert recently shared the mistakes many of us make when it comes to decorating our space.

Wayna explained on her YouTube channel what it is and what we should do instead to get a fancy house.

Clutter everywhere

“If you have clutter everywhere, it won’t look like a high-end design or a well-organized space,” the pro explained.

The best thing to combat this is to get organized and make sure everything has a place to go.

“Everything in your house needs a home,” she added.

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old sofa

Your sofa is probably the focal point of your living space and the largest piece of furniture in the room.

So if there are better days, or no good days at all, the pro says it’s best to save some money slowly and invest in one that will elevate your space.

“It’s a base for the rest of the room, so you can spend less money on other furniture, but it’s worth investing in a good sofa.”

Define your space

There’s nothing worse than a room without clear, designated areas, the interior lover explained.

Luckily this is an easy fix, adding rugs to the space will make it clear which area is for which.

She said: “You don’t have to spend a lot of money, Amazon has a lot of nice rugs, just like Ikea.”

Improve your lighting

Even if you’re renting out your home, changing the light fixtures can make all the difference.

It doesn’t have to cost a bomb, but swapping out the basic light fixtures that most homes have for something more unique will make your home that much more chic.

Hang your curtains high

The DIY genius said, “If you do this thing right, your house will look like a house.”

Blinds are ok too, but avoid vertical blinds, the pro joked: “They’re so 2000s, ew.”

If you must have blinds, opt for horizontal blinds, they look much more modern and expensive.

Stop being too cheap

While there are plenty of hacks and DIYs that can save you money, decorating your home is an investment.

This includes being cheap with your time, the pro explained.

“You have to make a plan, you have to be strategic.

“These are the things you’re going to surround yourself with in life, it should be something you enjoy,” she said.

“Make sure you have a nice canvas and then you can do cheap crafts”

Lack of effort

The pro says that making a space beautiful is a lot of work.

“Unless you can afford to hire an interior designer, you’ll need to learn a lot of skills,” Wayna explained.

Don’t get dirty by not doing the work necessary to make your home look its best.

No details

Once you’ve invested in the basics, like a good sofa and curtains, adding personal touches is essential.

She said: “Texture and patterns are the best things, they never go out of style.

“You can have a neutral piece but add texture and pattern and you’ll have an upscale feel.”

No matching furniture

Unless you have a huge room you can get by with, matching furniture looks pretty cheap.

Instead, find things that can work well together in a space.

The interior expert said: “If you find a sofa, find two chairs that will complement it, don’t match.”

no word art

“The art of words is not your friend,” she exclaimed.

No “live, laugh, love” signs for this pro.

“I don’t care what you do, it won’t read like high end,” she confessed.

The only exception is in an office, where you can get away with it because its intention is to be an inspiration.

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Instead, opt for larger, more abstract art.

“Even ugly art is better than word art,” the pro joked.

A good sofa can make a huge difference in a space


A good sofa can make a huge difference in a spaceCredit: YouTube
Even if your area is small, rugs can break it up and make it look bigger


Even if your area is small, rugs can break it up and make it look biggerCredit: YouTube
Avoid basic word art like this it looks so cheap


Avoid basic word art like this it looks so cheapCredit: YouTube
Word art can look good in an office if done right


Word art can look good in an office if done rightCredit: YouTube

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