How to Organize TikTok Favorites into Collections


TikTok is definitely going through something, as it introduced a few key new features over the past week. Just before announcing the introduction of 10-minute videos, TikTok also started allowing users to categorize their “favorites” or saved videos within the app, making it infinitely easier to bookmark videos and find them later. . Previously, TikTok allowed users to add videos to their Favorites folder but offered no way to organize them. This wasn’t much of a problem if you bookmarked videos sparingly, but liberal video bookmarks had to scroll and scroll to find a specific clip.

How to organize your TikTok favorites

Now, when saving a video, TikTok users can add that video to a certain “collection” of videos in their favorites list or create a new collection entirely with a video. The process is simple, much like saving a post to a collection on Instagram. To organize TikTok favorites that you’ve already bookmarked, just go to your profile and tap the bookmark icon, which is along the same bar as the “Edit profile” option and the Instagram icon. . From there, tap “Create New Collection” at the top of the screen. You’ll be prompted to name the collection, then you can tap on the videos from your favorites that you want to categorize into your new collection. Repeat this step for as many collections as you want to create.

How to Add a TikTok to a Favorites Collection

When you scroll down your For You page, you can also add videos directly to a collection in your favorites. Just tap the arrow icon on the right side of the screen. In the box that appears, select the “Add to favorites” option in the last row of icons. From there, tap on the little banner that says “Tap to add to a collection.” Another white box will appear, listing each of your existing favorites collections, along with the option to create a new collection. Tap the option you want and your video will be categorized and waiting for you when you’re ready.

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