How to create a comfortable home in seven steps


Layers, layers, layers

Think fleece throws, fleecy blankets, extra soft faux fur cushions. Layer these cozy items to create a cozy and comfortable space, perfect for snuggling up to a movie with the whole family. Opt for warm colors such as burnt orange or forest greens and don’t forget to add a nice basket next to the sofa where you can neatly store throws and blankets while having them close at hand. if you need another coat.

Roll out the mats

Besides adding warmth to your room, rugs are also a stylish addition to your living space. Add it to your living room, hallway and certainly next to your bed so that your feet rest on a warm carpet instead of a cold floor in the morning. Choose textured materials with thicker weaves and bold colors for added warmth and charm.

Change your curtains

Curtains contribute to the retention of heat in the house. So when the nights start to get chilly, replace your lighter summer curtains with heavier ones to ensure warm and cozy evenings.

Soften the lighting

Add a few candles and buy a table or floor lamp for softer lighting in the evening. And if you have non-flashing garlands with single bulbs, string them on to add to the ambiance – they’re definitely not just for Christmas.

go gas

Gas heaters are a great investment as they heat smaller areas very quickly and can also be moved from room to room. And, with shedding being a regular feature of our lives, they offer both heat and light.

Cover in winter bedding

While summer is all about crisp, light bedding, winter calls for cotton flannel, velor flannel, or heavyweight Egyptian cotton sheets.

Refill your towels

Getting out of the shower on a cold day is so much more enjoyable when you can wrap yourself in a big, fluffy towel to warm up and dry off. A new set of plush towels will not only keep you warm, but will also make the prospect of getting up while it’s still dark that much more enjoyable. If your budget allows, invest in a heated towel rail for a touch of luxury.

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