Heating: why households should turn off their thermostats this weekend – ‘save money’


Price caps, which were introduced in 2019, set a limit on the maximum amount suppliers can charge for each unit of gas and electricity used. It is reviewed every six months, with the cap increasing by 54% in April, adding an average of £693 to the average household bill. As the weather warms up in many parts of the UK, heating experts at PlumbNation recommend turning off the thermostat this weekend.

Jordan Chance, a heating expert from PlumbNation, explained, “As the weather gradually begins to warm up, more and more people are keeping their heating on for shorter periods of time.

“With the cost of living rising across the country, including higher energy price caps, many Britons will feel the financial strain.

“While there is no single temperature at which you should turn off your heating, many are aiming for the time the clocks go forward, which this year falls on March 27.

“Although many expect the temperature to change, there is no specific temperature at which you should turn off your heating, as it will depend on the quality of your home’s insulation.”

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“The clothes you put on top of your radiators prevent heat from escaping and heating up your room, which means your boiler has to take over and run at a higher rate, driving up costs.

“Similarly, increased humidity in the air can create condensation, leading to potential mold and dampness issues.”

For those who want to maintain their heating throughout the spring, turning the thermostat down just one degree can make all the difference.

In fact, according to the expert, it can help save up to 10% on a heating bill.

Jordan said: “The typical heating range is between 18 degrees Celsius and 21 degrees Celsius, so why can’t you see how low you can go?

“It’s also important to avoid the missteps of the classic thermostat. Contrary to popular belief, turning up your thermostat does not heat up your room faster, this method will only skyrocket your energy bills.

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