Hawkeye Season 1 Episode 1 Recap and Analysis: “Never Meet Your Heroes”


Retractable sword! Ruined steeple! Illegal auction in a wine cellar! Not exactly the first thing you think of when sniper Hawkeye gets his own Disney + show. Marvel’s latest entry into episodic storytelling follows bright-eyed Kate Bishop as she leads a new vigilante life with retired Avenger as he attempts to return to his family before Christmas. Needless to say this Hawk Eye The Season 1 Episode 1 recap includes spoilers for the series and related films.

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To quickly sum it up, main character Clint Barton’s appearances in the MCU are quite numerous and it’s worth checking out the movies he’s played a major role in. First shown targeting the god of thunder in the first Thor movie, Hawkeye played a major role as a brainwashing antagonist in The Avengers before fighting alongside our original group of heroes in the Battle of New York. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, it is shown that a now retired Hawkeye has a family, one he loses to the snap of Thanos in the upcoming film. But everything is fine ! He returns to his family Avengers: Endgame and now he even has his own show. Of course, the death of his best friend and trusted partner Black Widow is still fresh and the consequences remain largely unexplored.

The origins of a hero

Time to turn back! It’s 2012, it’s New York, and a young Kate Bishop is listening to her parents arguing about their life situation, etc. A quick one-on-one with her father and a successful attempt by a mother to connect with her daughter and we are faced with explosions outside the luxurious apartment. Yes, we are in the midst of the Chitauri invasion, the battle that brought the Avengers together. A frenzied Kate is nearly toasted from an impending attack, but a backup from none other than Hawkeye creates an idol in her eyes.

Not everyone was so lucky. While Kate’s mother Eleanor was able to walk in and out of the crumbling building Kate, her father was sadly a victim. The two mourn their loss at the funeral, and Kate’s new strength is born when she asks for a bow and arrows.

Today – Kate

Who wouldn’t want to shoot the steeple in the middle of a snowy winter night if you had the incredible ability? This is exactly what Kate, now an adult, does. Before getting caught, she smashes the bell through the tower.

Kate later arrives at her mother’s house where the news of the Bell Tower’s disappearance has more than reached the ears of the parents. It’s a big bill to pay this, but don’t worry! The bishops are quite wealthy. Before Kate and her mom make their way to a charity auction, a man named Jake walks into the room, much to Kate’s annoyance.

At the auction, Kate in a tuxedo chats with wealthy big-headed Armand who reveals that Eleanor and Jack are getting married. Many characters are not happy with the new information so far! After an unhappy Kate confronts her mother, she steps outside where she spots a curious dog. Random, but will be important later!

Back inside, Kate resumes her old habits of eavesdropping on her mother and Armand in a tense conversation. Dressed in a practical fashion as someone who is easily mistaken for a waitress, Kate follows Armand into a wine cellar where a secret auction is taking place. First of all, a massive skull! After an altercation with the butler, Kate manages to escape suspicion. She spots a few Russian-speaking guys doing something fishy in the next room, then she returns to the auction where Amrad and Jack are bidding for a retractable Ronin sword.

As Ronin’s costume is set up as the next item, an explosion destroys a nearby wall, plunging the entire wine cellar into chaos. In the midst of the panic, Jack slides the sword off the ground and Kate grabs Ronin’s costume. As masked men point their guns at Armand and Jack, a costumed, hooded Kate begins to fly around her enemies one by one. Escaping through the newly formed hole in the wall, Kate walks out where that rascal dog from earlier shoots the runaway driver’s leg. Kate chases the big puppy through the busy streets where she saves him from inbound traffic. Clearly a hero.

Today – Clint

Elsewhere, Rodgers’ musical depicting the events of the first Avengers movie is in full effect and who else is in the crowd besides Clint Barton and his family? After pointing out a few inconsistencies like the inclusion of Ant-Man, an intimidating close-up of the Black Widow actress sends Clint into a state that forces her out of the theater. Clint, who is now wearing a new hearing aid, has a great time with his daughter who knows what’s going on. The rest of the family crowds in and they leave the musical halfway through for some great food. At dinner, a phone call with mom is followed by the waiter informing the Bartons that their meal was at home. Clint was not happy.

Towards the end of the episode, the family return to their hotel where they plan to pack their bags to return home for Christmas. A report covers the explosion at the charity gala and also shows a glimpse of Kate in the Ronin costume. What is this? Clint is confused? Oh that’s right. While his family was driven out of existence, Hawkeye took a different path of self-defense as a masked Ronin.

A meeting of two archers

Back at her apartment, Kate feeds her new companion a delicious slice of leftover pizza. His night is not over. Kate bursts into Armand’s mansion to look for more clues. She has a good idea! Armand’s corpse lies under a pool of blood on the living room rug. Kate books it before the arriving maid sees the crime scene.

Once again outside, Kate is cornered by the group of thugs who have been watching since she ruined the heist at the gala. After getting stuck in a car, a mysterious force seems to stop the thugs from crashing through the windows. And look at this, it’s Clint! He grabs her out of the car and rips the mask off. She knows him but he doesn’t know her. And it’s a wrap!

Things are moving fast in the world of Hawk Eye and the exclusive Disney + show will release each of its six episodes each week. Watch every episode of Hawk Eye, as well as our detailed recap, every Wednesday.

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