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I’m at the age where I somehow want other people to come to my house and feel like me classy too. That’s why I have to be thrifty if I want guests to like my house. And who are you kidding – we ALL want that.

Admit it: whether you own a mansion (seriously, contact me and tell me what your job is so I can do that too) or a small apartment, we all want to come home to a sort of oasis. You know, a luxurious little haven where I can be myself. Much like a movie girl who comes home for the holidays and immediately feels welcomed and relaxed and ready to leave the big city to start her new life in a snowy landscape. Wonderland.

Anyway, the point is, I want to walk through the door and feel cocooned in the outside world by the luxury of my home. I also just want to do it for $ 40 or less.

What you can! Fortunately, making a home feel luxurious isn’t all about grand gestures, like surround sound systems or rugs made from extinct tiger skins, and more about paying attention to the little details. What kind of little details? I’m glad you asked.

DCMEKA Personal Portable Mini Humidifier with Night Light – $ 25.99

DCMEKA personal portable humidifier with night light


$ 25.99

The first is a comboStreamer so that you can give your home a relaxing and inviting scent with the essential oil of your choice. Want people to feel ready to relax on the sofa? Lavender oil. An energizing spa scent? Lemongrass and rose. Energetic and fresh? Peppermint and tea tree. And it helps that the diffuser comes with an adorable little plant holder, which will easily accommodate a low-effort succulent. It’s ready to be proudly displayed on your coffee table or in your bedroom.

Stemless Red Wine Glasses (Set of 4) – $ 37.97

Stemless Red Wine Glasses (Set of 4)


$ 37.97

To move on to the kitchen, which is sort of the heart of the house, you’ll need some low-budget fancy shopping to wow anyone who comes for dinner or drinks. The first is a set ofaffordable but pretty glasses without feet that you can use for wine, gin, juice or anything else. Whether you’re serving a gorgeous glass of red, soda, or a pretty cocktail, stemless glasses look grown up and always feel classier than a standard hi-ball glass or a regular wine glass. Plus, they work for many different occasions, so you don’t need to have 27 different types of glasses stored in your closet. Minimum expenditure, maximum use.

Modern Innovations 16 inch Magnetic Stainless Steel Knife Bar – $ 19.99

Modern Innovations 16 inch Magnetic Stainless Steel Knife Bar

Modern innovations

$ 19.99

Next, you’ll want to show that you’re a functional adult who’s invested in the little luxuries and that you have everything under control. It doesn’t matter if you scream inside and wonder where the adulterous adults are, because amagnetic knife strip because your knife collection is undoubtedly a sign of someone who knows what is going on. Basically, you pay attention and spend on the little things – so your home, by default, is chic and luxurious. Don’t you think so? Look me in the eye and tell me that you wouldn’t be impressed by someone with their life so well organized that their knives are stored, not in a drawer or even in a block, but tied to the same wall as s ‘this was an ancient witchcraft.

Bathroom soap and lotion dispenser set– $ 35

Bathroom soap dispenser set


$ 35.00

And finally, the bathroom. You know, when you go to a fancy restaurant and the bathroom makes you feel like you’ve walked into a nice hotel? This is what you are aiming for. It doesn’t have to be big, it just needs to have good lighting and a few little touches that make it extra special. The first is aassorted soap and lotion dispenser setfor your bathroom. It just makes it perfect and shows, once again, that you are thinking about the little things.

Cotton Paradise Oversized Bath Sheet– $ 21.99

Cotton Paradise Oversized Bath Sheet

Cotton paradise

The second is large towels. There is honestly nothing more lavish than stepping out of a shower or bath and wrapping yourself in a huge, fluffy towel. Or even just wiping your hands with a soft, beautifully colored towel instead of the faded green one from 2003. I love these gray towels because they work with almost any color scheme and don’t fade like the ones. white (but if you like bright colors and natural light, choose white). Regardless of the color, I challenge you not to sit on the bed right after that and just stay wrapped up in this plush goodness for hours on end. Remember, buying good towels is an investment – more money up front, but they last a lot longer and make a big difference in the feel of the bathroom.

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