Get a 2TB WD Blue SN570 NVMe SSD for $162 for Father’s Day


You can’t go wrong with this fast and affordable SSD. That was the tagline of James’ review of the WD Blue SN570, a glowing write-up that resulted in the drive being inducted into the RPS “best gaming SSD” hall of fame. Now the 2TB SN570 is 10% off for Father’s Day in the US, where you can pick up the drive for $162 at the WD Store when you redeem the code. DADDSDAY10. That’s a bargain for an NVMe drive of this size and speed.

So, I told you we really like this record, but what makes it so good? Basically, it’s an NVMe drive capable of 3500MB/s sequential read speeds and 3000MB/s sequential write speeds on the 1TB model, while still costing less than its predecessor the WD SN550. (The 2TB size shown here is even faster, with a rated sequential write speed of 3500MB/s – but we haven’t tested this size.) This makes the SN570 the best NVMe SSD on the market with some headroom, and it’s backed by competitive random I/O performance too – beating well-respected PCIe 3.0 drives like the Samsung 970 Evo Plus.

Now PCIe 4.0 drives are even faster – at some point you’re still limited by the old interface – but that means you can enjoy the performance of the SN570 on virtually any modern desktop or laptop computer, you don’t need the latest and greatest motherboard, which is nice. It’s also about $80 cheaper than the cheapest PCIe 4.0 drive, so there’s that too.

Anyway, I could dither for hours, but it’s good to see good PCIe 3.0 drives becoming more affordable – and it’s our favorite at 10% off, so how about that.

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