Gail Wilson ‘Finished’ by Daughter’s Boyfriend, Arrest Documents Sure


JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) – FOX31 has obtained arrest warrants revealing details of Gail Wilson’s death and how investigators believe he was killed.

Wilson has not been seen since October 31. Police believe street camera photos show her body hidden in trash bags and a rolled up rug in the bed of her truck.

Her daughter, Savannah Wilson, was arrested in Lakewood and charged with aiding and abetting the first degree murder of her 81-year-old father. She told FOX31 her death was an accident in an exclusive interview earlier this week.

Savannah Wilson’s boyfriend Ricardo Perez is charged with first degree murder in Gail’s disappearance and is also jailed in Jefferson County.

In Wilson and Perez’s arrest affidavits, police describe an interview with Gail and the couple’s roommate Jay.

It states the following:

“Jay said he was in the living room when Gail tripped and fell to the floor in the upstairs hallway. Jay then saw Ricardo approach Gail and “finish her off”. Jay explained that he heard Ricardo beat Gail and did it with his fists.

The affidavit also speaks of an interview with police stating that Wilson told police Ricardo apologized to her and told her he “let his anger get the better of him.”

The affidavit goes on to state the following:

“Savannah said she hasn’t called the police yet for fear of what the neighbors would think of her if the police intervened. Savannah and Ricardo then shared a joint (marijuana).

Wilson is due in court on Monday to receive a court-appointed lawyer.

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