Former navy who ended armed robbery donates furniture set


Houston’s Yuma Furniture wanted to give the hero a brand new living room set, but instead decided to donate it to his favorite local charity – 13 reports from Luis Lopez of On Your Side

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) – While many people would be more than happy to grab a free set of furniture, former Marine James Kilcer, who stopped an armed robbery in the Foothills on October 20, in take one it just received and donate it.

Yuma Furniture of Houston was the one who gifted the set to Kilcer.

The company wanted to give Kilcer a set of living room furniture that included two sofas, a coffee table and a rug.

A beautiful gift, without a doubt. However, Kilcer did something a little better than bringing the set home. Instead, he wanted to donate it to a local organization that could use it.

“We’re fortunate to have everything we need already, so we wanted to give back to the Yuma community,” Kilcer said.

Kilcer donated the set to Amberly’s Place, a local organization dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence. The donation will eventually go to a family that needs to furnish a new home.

When Tori Bourguignon, General Manager of Amberly’s Place, discovered the donation, she thought they had just been given a recliner. When she realized they were getting a whole set of furniture, it turned something small into something that could be of great help.

“Can you imagine the gift that is given to someone who is starting over, who is able to have something new and clean and who has never been used by anyone else,” said Bourguignon .

Kilcer says he didn’t stop the theft to be recognized, but still feels good that he can use those rewards to give back.

“I don’t need all the buzz, but it’s like, I wish it would be put to good use and really help the people around us who are in pain and you know, need a little help. an extra inch, ”Kilcer said. .

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