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In the original “Matrix” film, we learn that humans abhor perfection, as evidenced by their rejection of the flawless simulated reality created for them by machines. Well, things have certainly changed going forward as the virtual world in a world featured in the franchise’s 2021 follow-up, ‘The Matrix Resurrections’, is nothing short of idyllic!

Set in San Francisco 60 years after the events of the last film, the long-awaited fourth installment, released in theaters and on HBO Max last December, sees Neo (Keanu Reeves) live in the Matrix as Thomas Anderson, “the greatest video game designer of our generation. The simulated world he’s unknowingly trapped in isn’t the muted, green-tinted, blue-less version shown in the original trilogy, but a much cleaner, richer, and more vivid version.

The film’s “poppy” and “more colorful” aesthetic, according to production designer Peter Walpole, is directly inspired by City by the Bay, namely “the extraordinary architecture, light and movement of San Francisco fog”. . Nowhere is this more apparent than in the striking seaside building chosen to represent the home and office of The Analyst (Neil Patrick Harris), Thomas’ therapist pushing the blue pill.

Known as Russian Hill Summit in real life, the trendy six-unit resort, which sits at the end of a scenic cul-de-sac overlooking the San Francisco Bay, downtown skyline and the Bay Bridge, is pretty much the epitome of a Golden Gate residence.

And there’s exciting news for fans of “The Matrix” and the town, as the exact unit used in the film is now on sale! Located at 1039 Vallejo St. in Tony Russian Hill, the chic townhouse is listed for $4.2 million. (Fun fact – the Verdier Mansion, which featured prominently in the second season of “The OA,” is right next door at 1001 Vallejo St.) Taken over by mother-son team David Werboff and Caroline Kahn Werboff of Sotheby’s International Realty, the listing marks the first time the property has been up for grabs since it was sold to its original owners for $1,895,000 shortly after it was built in 1998. (Remember, it This is privately owned in any way.)

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