Elder & Kadavar – “From the Interior” and “El Matador”


Last year Elder, Massachusetts’ big doom psychedelic institution, released a really great album called Portents. It came out just before the COVID era, which ended all of Elder’s plans to spin behind record. Earlier this year, however, three of Elder’s four members traveled to Berlin and reunited with German band Kadavar, a team of like-minded progressive stoners, and formed something of a supergroup called Kadavar. (Elder bassist Jack Donovan couldn’t make it to Germany, so he left the sessions outside.) Together Elder and Kadavar have recorded a brand new album, and it will be released next month.

So far, the union of Elder and Kadavar has shared two songs from the upcoming A story of darkness and light, and these are both sprawling and expansive numbers. The opening of the album “From Deep Within” runs for nine and a half minutes, while “El Matador” arrives at 6:42 am relatively compact. Both tracks are loose and melodic and strangely pretty, even when they are the heaviest. Both will make you want to stretch out on a shag rug and put on a light show in your living room. Listen to both below.

A story of darkness and light was released on 3/12 on Robotor records.

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