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Being proud of your home is the new social. Whether you are passionate about Great designs and spend hours coveting interior decorating accounts on Instagram, or you just feel ambivalent about your living space after spending so much time there recently, there’s one thing to remember: even the most subtle of changes. can make a big difference to the way a room looks and feels.

In partnership with Samsung, we have selected eight effortlessly stylish items from Australian and overseas manufacturers. These housewares and furniture will perfectly complement any room of your choice while elevating it to new design heights.

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McMullin and Co emphasizes simplicity in their designs, as well as a love for elegant scalloped edges and serpentine lines. The powder coated black rod of the Percy Floor Lamp is an example of the sinuous curve that has been admired throughout art history for what it means: liveliness, activity and something interesting for the eye. Complete with a linen shade, this floor lamp casts a beautiful light and is just one of many striking furniture and design items on offer from the Sydney-based design studio.

We love to imagine it next to a McMullin and Co’s headboards as a floor or table lamp, or placed in the corner of the living room to provide an unassuming glow – perfect for mood lighting during a late night movie marathon.

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Gone are the days when you had to hide your TV or find a way to make a big black screen (and its many cables) work with your living room aesthetic. Sleek from every angle, Samsung’s The Serif is an innovative format for home TVs reminiscent of the days of stand-alone TVs, but with a modern update. Renowned industrial designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec are the origin of the unique design of The Serif, and it is quickly building a cult following.

What we love most about The Serif is its versatility – its 360 degree design, with a unique ‘I’ shaped profile and removable legs means it looks great no matter where in the world. the room where you place it. But it’s not just for interior aesthetes. The visual harmony of the Bouroullec brothers’ design is complemented by Samsung’s QLED image quality. It includes features like smart connectivity and ambient mode, where you can display your own photos and images (or one of the exclusive Bouroullec brothers’ designs) on the screen, which also automatically adjusts to the light settings. surrounding. Plus, thanks to NFC technology, you can place your compatible phone on the top shelf and listen to music through the TV speakers *.

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ECLIPSE RUG # 2098, PAMPA ($ 3,260)

The long winter spent indoors this year really put a lot of emphasis on carpets and floor coverings. Now, as we head into summer, a flat-weave woolen rug is an attractive addition to the flooring of almost any room in your home – and it’s perfect for layering with heavier rugs in the months the months are over. cold come back.

This hand-woven piece from Pampa is made according to the traditional practice of Argentinian weavers, where the looms used are the span of the weaver’s arm. The textile panels are then assembled to create the finished rugs, giving a nice artisanal touch to this investment purchase. Pampa’s interest in color theory is evident in this rug: the creamy beige turns almost pink alongside its complementary moss green.

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We have recently seen cylindrical shaped vases appear in designer feeds. But this one from award-winning Melbourne-based artist Anna Varendorff is a little different. Each vase is individually handcrafted and has a polished matte finish, bringing interest and imperfection to the smooth stainless steel. No two are exactly alike. The tube is wide enough to hold fresh, medium, thick-stemmed foliage and dried flowers. As you can see from the image above, it will be a unique focal point in any room to amaze you (and your guests).

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This chair is the work of three designers: Sarah Gibson and Nicholas Karlovasitis (who work together under the direction of Gibson Karlo and are co-founders of Design by Them) and Christina Bricknell, lecturer at the Melbourne School of Design. The Olio Armchair brings together the talents and interests of the trio of Australian designers in sculptural form, material and tactility to create this modern addition to your furniture collection.

The piece features curved and cylindrical elements to create an inviting seat in which to rest, read and watch. It is available in a variety of upholstery including a gorgeous ivory loop pile, lush navy blue velvet, and several leather options.

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If you are looking for a cute graphic print cushion to bring color to your interior ensemble, look no further than Veikkanen. The Melbourne-based brand offers a series of unique cushions with patterns, graphics and colors inspired by its founder’s background in both textiles and graphics.

Veikannen chooses natural and recycled materials wherever possible and custom fabricates each cushion using the hand tufting process. Watch every drop of limited edition products on Instagram – they sell fast. And if you want to bring these vibrant and funky visuals to your wall, the artwork and hangings are also available in limited editions or made to order.
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With a steel frame hand-woven with organic cotton yarn and dipped in the color at its base, this lampshade beautifully shows off strong elements coming together in harmony with an emphasis on function and form. Choose from a rust, oatmeal, chartreuse, blush and navy color palette to design your ideal lighting to suit your space.

Pop & Scott has a passion for contemporary Australian design and emphasizes sourcing quality materials and using ethical production means to create timeless pieces. These shades are made to order by the family business, and a tree is planted with every purchase through Carbon Neutral.

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Furniture and lighting designer James Howe has created a table that invites us to pay attention to light and shade, and their interplay. Crafted from wood and acrylic, the varied surfaces demonstrate Howe’s interest in materials and minimalism. The name of the J4 table is perhaps a nod to Danish designer Børge Mogensen’s J39 chair that Howe quote as his inspiration become a furniture designer.

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To learn more about The Serif, visit Samsung website.

* Only supported by smartphones based on Android operating system that support Near Field Communication (NFC) wireless information sharing.

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