Discover Jacob Elordi’s house in Los Angeles in a video for Vogue


Jacob Elordi: Talented actor, Australian native, 6’5″ hunk and, audiences learned today, avid art collector. The ‘Euphoria’ star welcomed Vogue into his home in Los Angeles while filming a 24-hour video diary, revealing a home filled to the brim with unique works of art. It looks less like a sprawling mansion and more like a cozy retreat nestled in lush vegetation, with a view of the rooftops of the Hollywood sign.”I used to live in a tiny little apartment down in the valley,” Elordi says in the video. I was like, ‘Man, who lives over there? Who lives under the Hollywood sign?'”

Elordi shares the home with her golden retriever, Layla, who loves the pool in their backyard. His living room features a gallery wall of framed artwork, including a poster of the Japanese movie “Rebel Without a Cause,” which he calls his “most prized possession.” Various old-school cameras and books sit on the coffee table, while a record player and plants inhabit a desk. The kitchen is simple and sober, with a window overlooking the swimming pool and a refrigerator decorated with memorabilia from the “Euphoria” series. Read ahead for a closer look at Elordi’s abode.

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