Bissell CrossWave X7 Cordless Pet Pro makes cleaning up messes a little fun


I hate mopping the floor. Vacuuming and cleaning in general is cathartic for me, but there’s just something about the mop that I really don’t like. Enter the CrossWave X7 Cordless Pet Pro, which promises to vacuum and clean your hard floors at the same time – pet hair and everything in between. But for almost $ 500, is it really worth it?

Considering my general animosity towards anything to do with cleaning, I decided to give CrossWave a try. It’s cordless, after all, and I have two animals that leave a nice furry dust everywhere they go. The X7 appeared in a relatively small box and the setup was actually a snap.

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Inside the box you’ll find everything you need to get started, including two small cleaning solutions (we’ll talk about that later). But before you start cleaning, you’re going to want to charge the thing for at least four hours in order to get the most out of your vacuum. As for this vacuum cleaner, it is sleek, with a copper-colored handle and lights that turn blue and white. The CrossWave X7 feels and looks … cool. If a vacuum cleaner can be cool, this is definitely one of them, and I say that as the owner of Dyson.

Out of the box.

The CrossWave X7 comes with its own base station, and the only setup you really need is to connect the handle to the vacuum body. It took me a hilarious time, but in the end it was simple.

The vacuum cleaner sits directly on the base station where it charges, and a battery level indicator on the front of the vacuum cleaner indicates charging. The base station also functions as a self-cleaning zone, allowing the vacuum to spray clean water through the components after you’ve cleaned the house; it’s a step you don’t want to skip.

After charging the device and watching a few videos, I was ready to start cleaning. All you need to do is fill the solution tank with cleaner, warmer water, and start wet vacuuming. When powering up the X7, you are greeted with a few beeps and the roller immediately begins to spin. The lights around the juicer also turn on, nicely illuminating the floor you are cleaning. The trigger button feeds water from the solution tank to the cleaning area. Debris and dirty water are then sucked into a separate tank, which must be emptied when full.

Yes, it's the dirty tank.

Yes, it’s the dirty tank.
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I tested the CrossWave X7 on my hardwood floors, on tile in the bathroom, and on small rugs. It’s important to note here: Using the X7 for cleaning large carpets is not recommended, and in my testing I found that out of all three surfaces it was the one that cleaned carpets the least. .

I was quite skeptical, but the Crosswave X7 keeps its promises. It combines the vacuum and mop in one simple step, and it does a pretty good job of both. After not vacuuming for an entire week, I ran CrossWave through my kitchen, living room, TV room, and a large bathroom. It did exactly what it says: vacuumed up dirt, debris, and animal hair, and left the floors clean as well. In addition to cleaning my floors only with the CrossWave for about a month, I also put it through a few stress tests.

Personally, I would never consider cleaning up a mess like hummus or peanut butter with the X7, but for testing purposes I tried it. Although it took a few passes to clean up a huge ball of hummus, it turned out pretty well. Sure, this left the inside of the roll covered in hummus, but after two self-cleaning wash cycles the hummus was all but gone from my floor. and the void. What was left was easily wiped off. The peanut butter was sucked out even easier, although some of it got stuck inside the machine. A quick wipe down and a bit of self-cleaning and it was like new. Still, just wiping off the peanut butter or hummus would have been easier.

The peanut butter remained inside the machine after the self-clean.


Yes, it is after the cleaning cycle.


There were some annoyances while using the CrossWave during the month. First, and the problem I most suspect I have: capacity. The clean water tank and the dirty tank are relatively small. I had to empty the dirty tank and refill the clean tank several times to clean my whole house. Also, I blew out the cleaning solution that you need to add to the machine to use it. Using other solutions actually voids the warranty, so this is something you will probably want to stick with. Bissell offers different types of solutions for its CrossWave range, but for this test I only used the multi-surface cleaner.

The dirty tank has a strainer to easily separate liquids and solids.

The dirty tank has a strainer to easily separate liquids and solids.


Another super annoying issue I had was with the media lock. When you bring the handle to the upright position, the vacuum locks into place so it doesn’t tip over, but I found it accidentally locking in the upright position when I didn’t want it to. Also, I found that the X7 did not have a low enough angle. Passing under a bookcase, for example, the vacuum cleaner rotated on its rear wheels and the front lifted.

The vacuum works best if you work in a straight line which I had to get used to. Yes, it swivels and spins, but when you run water through the machine it can sometimes leave dirty water trails on the floor. It is quite easy to clean. Just pass over the dirty spot without pressing the water trigger; which will suck up the remaining water.




Credit: Mashable

Is it worth it?

The X7 is good at what it does. The battery lasts over 30 minutes, weighs just 10 pounds, and is fairly easy to clean. But unlike your vacuum cleaner, you have to make sure it’s cleaned and dry every time, or you’ll end up with a machine that smells musty.

Would I buy it? I am not sure. Vacuums are quite expensive, and at $ 464.99 the CrossWave X7 Cordless Pet Pro doesn’t come cheap. And because it can’t clean carpets or stairs well due to its size and nature, the CrossWave X7 probably won’t be the only vacuum in your cleaning arsenal. It has a purpose and it serves that purpose well, but it doesn’t do everything.

But if you have kids and pets – and you need a quick and handy tool for cleaning up various messes around the house – the CrossWave X7 will come in handy.

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