Big Ten Tournament Time TV Odds Line: Iowa-Indiana, Purdue-Michigan State


Hey look, the games start soon! Do you have any thoughts?

Neither do I. I think Northwestern Wildcats basketball is slowly ruining my enjoyment of the college game. Please hire me, Drake, so I can teach at a school whose basketball team I really like.

My takeaway from Friday’s Big Ten games is that the Big Ten has a real problem with “white guys throwing low kicks and sulking.” Paul Mulcahy, Brad Davison, Connor McCaffery… what a goddamn unkind troika of shitty heels.

Friday games

[9] Indiana Hoosiers 65, [1] Illinois Fighting Illinois 63

Buffkomodo: I’m going to be on everyone’s level, I started writing my autopsy of the Indiana season at halftime of the Michigan, Indiana game. Since that 17-point hole started to evaporate, I haven’t touched it. I fully plan to publish it in its entirety for your awareness.

Oh dear. Demons practice like it’s nobody’s business. TJD held its own against the 2nd best big in the conference (it did well against the best big on Thursday). Rob and XJ were solid and the racing was key throughout the stretch. What a magical push it was to put Indiana in the NCAA Tournament for the first time in too long. What a day. What a day.

[5] Iowa Hawkeyes 84, [4] Scarlet Knights Rutgers 74

Stew: Iowa didn’t play rugster in the armpit that is Jersey. This meant that the rugster was actually called for about half the shit, and therefore couldn’t call.

Iowa started incredibly slowly. Felt like a big hangover from the shellacking they gave jNW. However Joe Toussaint [ed. note: Stew sent this to our Slack as “How Tossing”, which feels good as well] gave them a spark from the bench in the second media timeout, the Murrays took over and Iowa never looked back.

It should be mentioned that 6 techs were distributed during the game, in particular none on Fran. However, surprisingly little, his eldest, Connor, received two after barking a bit at Mulcahy for Mulcahy’s dirty play.

ZuzuRU: Well… that sucked. Explosive start muffled by referees and fuck up anyone for thinking otherwise.

It’s gonna be a long weekend. I’m not too confident. I think it’s the NIT for us, but I’m hopeful.

misdreavus79: Smothered by the umpires, in the sense that literally hitting people is called for a foul outside of Jersey Mike’s Arena, I guess…

[7] Michigan State Spartans 69, [2] Wisconsin Badgers 63

see below for our foreign correspondent, Green Akers, filing his report

[3] Boilermakers Purdue 69, [11] Penn State Nittany Lions 61

misdreavus79: You know what, I can’t be mad at this. The Nittany Lions fell again and nearly made their way back, yet again. 14-17, with the Micah Shrewsberry patchwork team reunited, there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Jalen Pickett has already confirmed he will return next year, and Sessoms and Dread have both hinted they are leaning in that direction as well, so Penn State may find themselves having to replace Only John Harrar in the top five. next season. I can’t help but feel hopeful for the future, even though this season didn’t end with a fever dream scenario that MNW and I concocted a few days ago.

BoilerUp89: Hats off to Micah Shrewsberry. He correctly identified Purdue’s offense through his centers, Jaden Ivey, and Sasha Stefanovic’s three-point shot. His box and 1 and triangle and 2 defenses certainly kept Purdue’s offense from getting into the mainstream. PSU fans, you have a good one with a bright future.

On the Purdue side, major props to Brandon Newman for staying ready and prepared if he had another moment this season. Those of us on the program knew he had been in the gym to work on his game, but it’s really good that he was able to seize the opportunity when he got it.

Otherwise, the game pretty much went to script. Purdue has built a double-digit lead. Purdue stopped playing offense and defense became a sieve. Penn State made a big run to close the gap to 1, including two three-pointers by a guy who was one of his last THIRTY to come into today’s game. But the Boilers played a little more defense today than they have all year and managed to get the win instead of having PSU in position for a last-minute beater.

Saturday games

Every hour CT.

[9] Indiana vs. [5] Iowa

12 p.m. | SCS | Iowa -5.5 | O/U 144

BuffKomodo: Iowa by as much as they want to win. Take over.

Stew: Really, all I wanted from the conference tournament was to make it to Saturday. Nevertheless. Now that we’re here, and it’s a very average Indiana team, I feel a little greedy.

I expect Iowa to play a lot of zone defense today because it’s the third game in as many days, so that will help their legs. It will also put some pressure on Indiana’s complementary players to work to get the ball in to Trace Jackson-Davis and on Killer Mopp to shoot deep.

So yeah, I feel pretty good about Iowa’s chances.


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[7] Michigan State vs. [3] Purdue

2:30 p.m. | SCS | Purdue -6.5 | O/U 142

Green akers: boop boop boop, boo-boo-boop boop

Foreign Correspondent Field Report, Shutdown

Asking for much poor confirmation, Michigan State team still in contention, stop

Asking for confirmation that Brad Davison hammered in the balls by the heroic Spartan player in the last game of his Big Ten career, stop

Bringing great humor back to any decent team losing to this Michigan State outfit, stop

Report of the continued expectation of the end of the campaign against the avenger Purdue today, stop

Go green, stop

BoilerUp89: Trains are good and are an important part of our modern transportation network. Sparta was sacked by the Visigoths under Alaric I in 396 AD. Stay locked in our D, lead the attack and offer the Spartans a greater defeat than they suffered at the Battle of Leuctra. Choo Choo !



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