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Which standing desk mats are the best?

With the increase in the number of hours spent in the office and in front of screens, we had to get creative to stay healthy. Many workers use blue-blocking glasses, curved screens, or sit-stand desks to protect against fatigue during the workday. If you want to be able to stand longer in the office or at home, the Sky Solutions anti-fatigue mat can keep you comfortable and standing longer.

What to know before buying a standing desk mat

Size of your office

The concern here is more that your desk is too small than too big. The legs of most standing desks are a few inches closer together than the edges of your desk. You can have a 36 inch wide desk, but the space between the legs is only 32 inches. Be sure to measure the distance between the legs, not just the overall width of your desk, if you plan to have your mat standing directly under your desk.

How long are you gonna stay up

You might not need to invest $100 in a standing desk mat if you only stand for an hour a day. If you plan to stand (or alternate sitting and standing) most of your day, you’ll notice lower support from cheaper options. If you want to move around during the day and keep your feet and calves occupied, a more expensive mat may be worth it.

What shoes you will wear

Standing desk mats vary in materials and construction quality. If you plan on wearing dress shoes, you may find that rubber is not a good choice. Conversely, if you plan to wear only socks, you may find that harder materials are less comfortable. Less durable mats can end prematurely if you wear shoes on them for long periods of time (and they tend to have shorter warranties).

What to Look for in a Quality Standing Desk Mat


Its durability depends on how much use it will get. Do you work from home twice a week? Is it something that multiple people can use in an office? At least less durable rugs will become uncomfortable faster. Depending on your environment, a cracked or slippery carpet can be an annoyance or a hazard.

Rubber desk mats tend to be the most durable option, although high-end polyurethane mats also work well. When you get your mat, apply pressure to it. How quickly it returns to its original shape after pressing will tell you about its durability. If your mat springs back into shape quickly, it’s a good sign that it will last for the long haul.

Note that you want to replace a rubber mat every two years or so for maximum support. Polyurethane options have a longer lifespan because they are not as reactive and malleable.


When you position your rug, you want to feel like you have something sturdy under your feet, even on wood or tile. Make sure there is a grippy surface at the bottom that will stay put throughout your work day. A grippy layer of material on top of the mat will also prevent your feet from slipping as you move.


The amount of padding you want for your standing desk mat depends on your preference. Some users find an overly soft mat uncomfortable for long periods of time, while others appreciate something plush. Most mats are made of some kind of foam, although there are plastic ones. There are many options that can be adapted to the desired firmness.

How much you can expect to spend on a standing desk mat

Most mats will cost between $20 and $100.

Standing Desk Mat FAQ

Can I use a standing desk mat for other things?

A. You can use a standing desk mat anywhere you stand for long periods of time. Although they are mainly used in the office, some people also like to have one in the kitchen.

How do you clean a standing desk mat?

A. Most are easy to clean with a quick brushing, and they don’t tend to pick up spills or crumbs if wiped down quickly. You can use a damp towel and a small amount of soap once in a while to keep your carpet looking like new.

What is the best standing desk mat to buy?

Standing desk mat

Sky Solutions anti-fatigue mat

What do you want to know: This high-density memory foam mat measures nearly an inch thick and is available in 14 colors and three sizes.

What you will love: The Sky Solutions mat is an excellent blend of quality and economy. Those who work on large desks or common desks will appreciate the 70-inch-wide version.

What you should consider: This is a firm option, but even firmer options are available. It has no ridges or foot reinforcement options.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Premium desk mats for the money

Amazon Basics Anti-Fatigue Standing Comfort Mat

Amazon Basics Anti-Fatigue Standing Comfort Mat

What do you want to know: This mat provides economical comfort even during long working hours.

What you will love: It is one of the most affordable quality standing mats available. The cushion adapts to you and the mat does not move even when you do. The surface attracts little dirt and is easy to clean.

What you should consider: It only comes in one size and two colors. It’s not as thick as the first choice.

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Worth checking out

Topo comfort mat by Ergodrive

Ergodrive Topo Comfort mat

What do you want to know: This unique mat uses ridges and angles to keep your feet engaged during your workday.

What you will love: This mat was designed to keep you moving throughout the day. It’s not entirely flat and encourages you to engage the small muscles in your feet as you work. There is even a place for the calves.

What you should consider: This is less padded than more traditional standing desk mats. It takes some getting used to.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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