Best of 2021: 8 new brands that rocked the design world


The Pure Concept house by Chanya Kaur

Chanya Kaur, the creative force behind The Pure Concept, a home furnishing brand she co-founded with her husband Dalbir Singh in 2012, has decided to take matters into her own hands. In December of last year, she opened The Pure Concept Home as a holistic and expansive studio-store in Mumbai’s iconic Kala Ghoda district, the city’s design hub.

Close to the Jehangir Art Gallery, Ador House turned out to be exactly the kind of place she was looking for. “I believe that natural light and a good ceiling height are the two decisive factors when it comes to highlighting a product, whether it is upholstery, furniture, any material or of a space, ”Kaur explains.

As the home of a brand meant to evoke minimalist sophistication through its furniture, furnishings, ceramics offerings – anything that really has to do with home decor and design – Ador House has undergone a major overhaul. . Kaur, however, was clear about maintaining its heritage value; the idea was to merge the brand’s contemporary ethics with the architectural history that underlies the structure.

The store now spans two floors, with an interior spiral staircase to the upper level. Everything from furniture to fabrics is optimally highlighted, aided by the penetrating daylight and the staggering ceiling height.

Gaurav Sawn

Sava by Sangita Kathiwada and Kavitha Mantha

There is a certain delicacy, a gentle grace in the concept of Sava: tapping into nature to create, build and design, whether it is food or the handcrafted pottery it is served on. Founded in November of last year, Sava is a company born out of a desire to “do a little more”, as evidenced by the brand’s vision. It means “more for our body, more for our mind, more for our health, more for our community, more for our environment and more for our mind,” says co-founder Sangita Kathiwada, of Melange Fame, 27. old fashion boutique on Altamount Road in Mumbai, which in its time gave a platform to many designer big tickets in the country.

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