‘Atlas of Human Suffering’ Worse, Bigger



A new United Nations report on the effects of climate change on people and the environment reads like an atlas of human and planetary suffering.

Monday’s report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change details how climate change is already deadly with extreme weather, such as floods, storms, droughts and heat waves. But it’s nothing.

The report says the world will get sicker, hungrier, poorer, darker and far more dangerous over the next 18 years.

But scientists say there is still hope that some of the worst can be avoided or we can adapt to them. But they say the world must act fast.

Wynn Hospital during the MVHS construction tour in Utica, NY

Bob Schoefield of MVHS opened a tour of the current construction status of the new Wynn Hospital in downtown Utica on Friday, February 11, 2022. The project is on schedule and is expected to be completed and open in the fall of 2023 .Bill

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We all have memories of those great little nickel and dime stores and general stores of our youth. They were the heart of our communities. They sold just about anything, you could get a pretty good meal at most of them, and of course the highlight of the show was always the rows of penny candies. Upstate still has a lot of these stores around (some of them are 100, 150, 170 years old!). Here’s a list to start your journey to the general stores of your youth. They are all awesome!

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