As rent continues to rise in Denver, tenants compare notes


Our tip line fills with horror stories of tenants with big maintenance issues, big rent increases…and sometimes both. Things have gotten so bad at the Grand that residents of the luxury apartment complex were recently told they would have to leave in thirty days – without any help, financial or otherwise, to find a new place.

Residents of a Broomfield complex had a different problem: No sooner had the wife signed a lease renewal with a 10% increase than she was told it would go up to 20%…because her husband didn’t sign either.

On the Westword Facebook post of this story, readers had a lot to say about the Deer Crest situation, as well as their own concerns. says Therese:

The owners of this resort need to pull themselves together! How can they justify raising the rents for such a poorly run resort? Ashamed.

Cody has a personal concern:

I got my lease renewal offer yesterday and my rent will be increased by 28% next month after my garage doors didn’t work for almost four months. Madness.

Also Chelsea:

My 400 square foot studio in Park Hill went from $1,300 (October 2020) to $1,600 (July 2022)

And Rahlene:

I’m moving because my landlord decided to go with 31 percent.

But Larry can beat all of these:

In December 2020, I received a rent increase of almost 50%, as did my neighbors. He chased me out of town to find affordable. I spoke with a former neighbor, one of those who paid the 50% raise he was given. Her one-year lease is up and they’re ready to raise her rent again. And building maintenance has gone to hell. He hadn’t had hot water for two days and was told it would take a few more days before he could expect the hot water to come back. Not only ridiculously expensive, but not even livable.

Jeannie Offers:

I remember that in 1985, I could pay my rent with a week’s salary and have more at minimum wage. This is how it should be. According to this standard, the minimum wage should be around $30/hr now.

Jenny wonders:

With rents still high, who can afford to live in Denver?

But then there’s this from Cooper:

It happens to everyone right now. It’s not really newsworthy. If you don’t like it, you can always move…

What do you think of rent increases in Denver? Newsworthy or not? And how much has your rent increased in recent years? Post a comment or share your thoughts on [email protected]

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