According to 280 million user interactions, modern is the #1 design style


The analysis was based on five major design inspiration hubs – Youtube, Houzz, Google Search, Instagram and Pinterest. This analysis focused on using user interactions – likes, views, hashtags, image searches and downloads – to quantify which of the 21 styles in our study was the most popular.

A total of around 280 million user interactions were counted to provide a rating system to understand the popularity of each style and the difference in popularity between Youtube, Houzz, Google Search, Instagram and Pinterest.

Main information:

  1. Modern is the most popular design style with 8.89 points out of a total of 50 in this study which measured user engagements on Pinterest, Houzz, Youtube, Google and Instagram
    1. Modern Breakdown:
      1. Youtube View has 25 million for Modern’s top 30 videos
      2. 3.8 million Youtube Likes for Modern’s top 30 videos
      3. 2.5 million modern photos tagged on Houzz
      4. 130K Monthly Google searches for our research keywords
      5. 5.5 million Instagram hashtags
      6. 6.5 million Pinterest hashtags
  2. Vintage is the second most popular styles coring 5.16 points out of a total of 50 points In this study
  3. Farmhouse ranked n°3 among all styles while Rustic rated #4. Thus, Farmhouse is more popular than Rustic, with Farmhouse scoring a total of 5.12 points to Rustic’s 4.06 points.
  4. Youtube’s top 5 styles were: (1) Minimalist, (2) Modern, (3) Rustic, (4) Cottage, and (5) Mid-Century Modern.
  5. Houzz’s top styles were: (1) Modern, (2) Contemporary, (3) Traditional, (4) Farmhouse, and (5) Transitional
  6. The top styles from Google search were: (1) Modern, (2) Farmhouse, (3) Mid-Century Modern, (4) Boho, and (5) Rustic
  7. The top Instagram styles were: (1) Vintage, (2) Modern, (3) Boho, (4) Rustic and (5) Farmhouse
  8. Pinterest’s top styles were: (1) Vintage, (2) Modern, (3) Farmhouse, (4) Scandinavian, and (5) Rustic

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