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Some of her family members thought she was crazy. But despite receiving cautionary advice after the deaths of her grandparents, Vernon and Gin, St. Paul native Eva Slattery opted to take on her heirloom in the form of their ramshackle 1980s hiker in Stanchfield, Minnesota.

The house sat vacant for two years. Most of the furniture had been stripped, and only “stuff” remained for decades, like church bulletins, stacks of Christmas cards, and even rodents squatting as tenants.

Nonetheless, Slattery, who has worked the past 13 years in the mortgage industry, saw through the cobwebs and craved a creative challenge.

Inspired by Nashville’s Dive Motel, Slattery created Grandfather’s pool housea vacation rental located one hour north of the Twin Cities.

“I call aesthetics 70s and 80s vintage kitsch,” she says.

Now, the 4,000-square-foot mint-green home sleeps 14, with four themed bedrooms (like the Gold Room or the Wilderness Room, which is outfitted with a floor-to-ceiling Lake Louise mural and a bed king-size water fountain). Plus, two full living rooms with sleeping facilities, dining room, kitchen, tiki bar, fire pit, pizza oven, back patio that adjoins a creek, and the crown jewel of the house – an indoor heated pool. at 80 degrees – wait. Complete the retro experience? A “dressing room” loft filled with wigs and clothes racks and vintage accessories to play dress up.

“I want it to be a hub to unwind and escape everyday life,” says Slattery.

The place is outfitted with rattan lounge sets, lacquered vanities, disco balls, animal-print rugs, and showy chandeliers, all curated by Slattery.

“I’m sort of a professional buyer on Facebook Marketplace,” she says. She is always on the hunt, carrying new finds to homes in the Twin Cities. She adds: “It’s like a game for me!”

But some things just can’t be saved, like the quirky tropical leafy green and maroon and silver wallpapers by Vernon and Gin that adorn the home. A perfect backdrop for a birthday getaway, photo shoot, or bachelor/bachelorette weekend – just bring your imagination.

Reservations start at $650/night on weekdays.

grandpaspoolhouse.com, @grandpaspoolhouse

Madeleine Nachbar

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April 12, 2022

8:45 am

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