A minimalist Bengaluru home with a millennial pink twist


For a young couple with a growing child, moving during lockdown meant a wish list that included finding an apartment with enough space for the child to run around in, minimal but impactful decor that was easy to maintain and a comfortable cocoon where they could rest, work and recharge their batteries. Located in Bellandur, Bengaluru, this apartment was just a bare shell when the couple approached Thomas Parambil Architects to redo it. The 1,350 square foot, three-bedroom space was transformed through the use of color, locally sourced decor products, artwork, and a common design theme.

In the living room, the TV shelf is raised to allow more floor space. The rug is from Carpet Kingdom and the vases in various shapes and sizes are from Pottery Town in Bengaluru

Arches are evident throughout the apartment. The works were commissioned from a young artist with this theme in mind.

Bengaluru Home: Embrace the Curves

Called “Arching Glory,” the house weaves a design story through arches and its pastel palette that runs through the walls of every room. Arches appear throughout the apartment in different materials like wood, mirror, paint, and even artwork. “The brief was simple: [The clients] wanted an elegant house and they wanted it to be minimal. From our first meetings with the family, we realized that they loved the colors, so we tried to put the two together. The whole exercise was to provide the desired warmth, so we carefully layered this house with one element on top of the other in a subtle way,” says lead architect Thomas Parambil.

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