5 Inexpensive Decorating Ideas to Make Your Home Stylish and Expensive


Who doesn’t adore a luxurious and grand home? But turning your home decor into lavish beauty can be a costly affair. Fabrics, mirrors, sofas, and high-end items can punch a hole in your pocket. So many of us never fulfill our fantasies of living in this Pinterest-inspired home and keep settling for the mediocre decor. What if you could give your home the look you’ve always dreamed of, and that too, within your budget? To create a luxurious retreat, all you need to do is focus on the small details and adorn them smartly in your abode. Here we bring you inexpensive decorating ideas that will give your home an expensive makeover.

1. Add exquisite tones

Gone are the days when people left walls dull and boring. Walls are an extremely important part of interior decoration and the rich colors of your home make your abode look completely new in an extremely stylish way. After having dominated pastels, whites or grays for a long time, jewel tones are making a comeback in interior decoration. Rich hues can easily transform your space while incorporating dramatic colorful vibes into your space. Bring instant sophistication to your abode with a variety of timeless jewel-stirred hues ranging from ruby ​​and sapphire to cool emerald.

2. Lanterns or streetlights

Whenever we hear the word lavish, the intricate works of lanterns come to mind. Is not it? A lavish home is incomplete without the touch of elaborate metal lanterns or floor lamps. You can never go wrong with tall ceilings. If you want to create a more lavish look, you can also opt for floor lamps/table lamps and place them near your rugs or electric candles to make a statement. Brass or copper lanterns that create amazing shadows will add a unique ambiance to your home.

Lanterns or streetlights

3. Golden keys

When it comes to portraying luxury vibes, golden hues are always first on the list. Spruce up your living room with things like gold jaali, printed wallpapers, or wall art that has a gold hue to pair well with neutral, natural-toned sofas. Be sure not to overdo the space with gold or any other dark tone to escape the stickiness. Plus, dark red painted lamps or sconces will look cool when paired with a bold stained sofa.

4. Particularly oversized plants

The natural exterior not only catches the eyes, but also soothes the nerves. Your home is the most comfortable space to get away from it all! Indoor plants, faux plants, floral centerpieces, or even herbs in your space enhance the liveliness of your home, and its organic flair will connect you with nature while sending you all happiness. Not only that, but it also protects you from environmental toxins while satisfying all of your senses. Instead of decorating it with a single planter, surround the corners of your home with a bouquet of pastel-colored flowers and large, oversized green plants to add a new dimension. Some shimmering and boldly tinted planters will also brighten your mood!

Particularly oversized plants

5. Printed colorful rugs

Printed and colorful rugs are a surefire way to incorporate that cozy bohemian feel into an environment. Big prints are all the rage these days and they also give a visual treat to the eyes by making a statement. You can opt for large floor-sized rugs or if you want to drape the space in a more dashing way, the intricate round work rugs work beyond perfection. Shades like teal, coral pink, shades of orange and blue are the key to painting your room with a dramatic aesthetic.

Bring a lavish touch to your abode with these inexpensive styles and make your abode a haven that reflects positive vibes and a lavish atmosphere.

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