3 hot designers making their mark in Miami


Alizee Brion

Light on White Design Studio

As the name of her studio suggests, Alizee Brion’s period interiors are illuminated by swaths of natural light.

“The core of my work is the belief that a well-designed space has a positive influence on a person’s well-being,” she said. “To achieve this, we embrace the life force of natural light and the forms, materials and textures that come from the earth. This is why natural stone occupies a large place in my work.

His international architecture and interior design studio, which won the inaugural 2019 ASID Design Excellence Award for a workspace/office in Fort Lauderdale, has completed projects throughout South Florida, as well as in London, Paris, New York and the Bahamas, to name a few. “I love mixing contemporary furniture and artwork with modern-lined antiques,” said Ms. Brion, who set up her studio in 2016. “That’s what makes our projects really unique and quite different from most design work in Miami.”

Ms. Brion, who is 34, recently completed architectural and interior design work on a Romanesque-style family estate in Tuscany, Italy, which includes five towers designed as free-standing guest suites connected by walls that surround the main house.

“Everything was designed to exist alongside and celebrate nature, and every material used comes from nature,” said Paris-born Ms. Brion. “Elements are structural or functional and hardly decorative, finding beauty instead in roughness, age, patina and imperfection.”

In Miami Beach, she is working on a new residence slated to open in late 2023, which she describes as “hyper contemporary, with an almost minimalist vibe. Ready-made spatial layouts and unexpected furniture shapes run throughout the home. »

Its new collection of limited-edition bespoke furniture, entirely made of marble, is an ode to the beauty of natural materials.

“It sits on the border between furniture and sculpture and reflects my philosophy of collectible design,” she said.

Ms. Brion, who holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture and art and a master’s degree in architecture, each from Columbia University, and worked with Philippe Starck before opening her own studio, has a multidisciplinary approach.

“I became fascinated by the way Starck designs everything from the bones of space to the custom furniture down to the smallest detail,” she said. “That’s how we approach every project at Light On White. Architecture, interiors, furnishings, artwork and style all matter equally. »

Her mission, she added, is to design interiors “that last, that have soul, that age over time and become more beautiful.”

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