27 beautiful white bathrooms – 2021 white bathroom ideas


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For those who are up to date with the latest interior design trends, a white bathroom may seem like an ultra-safe option. But, an all-white bathroom can communicate cleanliness, luster, and refined simplicity in a way few other designs can. A pragmatic look that generates a feeling of serenity, the white bathroom is a certified classic.

Pearly white subway tiles installed on a wall, a vintage ivory vanity, and pigment-free cabinetry can all make a white bathroom shine and sparkle. Highlighted by tiling, quality furnishings, and metal or wood accents, the white bathrooms have certainly caught the attention of countless homeowners and designers. And, it’s easy to see why. With the right touches, a somewhat drab bathroom can transform into a bright and relaxing spa, perfect for a night soaking in the tub.

And just because it’s white doesn’t have to be boring. There are many creative ways to turn your bathroom into a personal oasis. Install tiles with geometric patterns, a unique pendant light, or an antique pedestal sink to help add texture, dimension and functionality. If you are looking for a more modern look, go for cabinets in high gloss lacquer and pops of soft gray. For those who prefer a more manicured farmhouse style, consider incorporating a vanity into warm wood, flap panels, or a stone or polished wood side table.

Still not convinced? We’ve rounded up 27 spaces to demonstrate the invigorating appeal of an all-white bathroom designed with style and finesse.

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Beach day

Designate Allison Garcy expertly paired a wooden stool and blue and orange bath accessories with a stunning photograph of a beach via a bird’s eye view.


Mirror image

Double vanities, a freestanding tub, and bespoke mother-of-pearl mosaic floors make this bathroom from the firm SUBU design architecture a spa-like oasis.


The farm feels

For this farmhouse bathroom, a Houston-based designer Courtney hill Pair black tiles with a steel framed mirror, a pair of sconces and a black marble vanity – clean, simple and efficient!


Classic blue and white

A medicine cabinet fitted with bold, blue and white wallpaper gives this immaculate bath designed by Duan Curry an eye-catching pop of color.


Inhabited luxury

A marble top, a wood vanity with gold metal finishes and a matching globe pendant give this modern bathroom luster and luxury. Los Angeles-based designer Kim Rabbit added a colorful rug and a calming piece of art as a finishing touch.


Pearly white

A sophisticated wooden stool makes a polished contrast to the all-white elements on display in this tub designed by Lori Doreur.


Let there be light

A gorgeous circular window lets in plenty of light into an all-white bathroom accented with dark wood furnishings, chic rugs, and a large, functional rattan basket. Design company Brockschmidt and Coleman add light touches of green using a fern and a vase.


Good things come in small packages

Design company home design proves that modest-sized bathrooms can still pack a punch. A brown toilet seat and portrait painting lend gravity to the pure white tiles and pedestal sink in this airy open bathroom.


New Flame

Designate Stefani Stein used a bespoke flame-blackened wood vanity with a marble top and gold-tone brass hardware to counterbalance a crisp, all-white master bathroom.


Blue velvet

Designate Janet Patterson bought a navy velvet toilet stool and a speckled blue flower vase to offset the glossy white paneling covering the walls of this master bathroom in an oceanfront Miami cottage.


Monochrome moment

Opting for a vintage look, the firm Steve + Filip Design Inc. paired a grand gold-adorned bathtub with eye-catching black-and-white tile floors inlaid with marble. A black side table and gold mirrored towel racks complete the look.


Pure and simple

Using gray wood cabinetry, simple black hardware, and gold and dark wood accents, the design firm MLK Studio shows that simplicity is the best.


Glam, Bam, thank you ma’am

For this majestic Brooklyn Heights apartment, the firm man-made designs has created a cosmopolitan and chic dual-use bathroom and powder room. The plush vanity stool, shiny gold hardware, and black and white tile floor combine to create an elegant getaway, perfect for stepping into glamor.


Green light

By designing this bathroom for children, the firm Leo designs Chicago used a mossy green vanity, mirror frame, and towel set to accent an all-white bathroom, imbuing serenity and cheerfulness.


A Moroccan touch

For a large bathroom closed by curved walls, designer Bradley Bayou installed beautiful hand-carved Moroccan tiles that accentuate the funky mirror frame and the unique silhouette of the surrounding chairs.


Ocean view

Chicago-based designer Michel abrams opted for geometric gray and white tiles, metal embellishments and a marble shower for this sophisticated oceanfront master bath.



New York-based designer Tamara hubinsky proved that an all-white bathroom doesn’t have to be boring by arranging the cute and fun adornments on installed wooden shelves.


Limestone love

Designate Mark Culter set up mosaic tile walls and a sculpted limestone frame to transform this bubble bath into a luxurious resort, complete with gorgeous vases and a white orchid.


A tint of orange

For an impeccable and functional bathroom with a view of the water, design cabinet Stokkers + Company orange tones accented through a muted wall, bath accessories and a bouquet of orange tulips.


Modern way

For this Hudson Street brownstone, close J. Patryce Conception gray and white, mosaic tile and console sinks, each paired with a steel framed mirror. Soft hues of blue, gray and green along with dignified furnishings imbue a lively modernism.


Marble galore

Designate Nadia palacios paid homage to the Art Deco style through an all-encompassing calcite marble, an impressive dramatic mirror, and a matching blue and white soap dish and flower vase.


Rose pop

Charm is in full swing in this tub, thanks to a pretty light pink vanity and pale blue abstract floral wallpaper. Designate Jennifer barron sealed the deal with a pair of fixtures adorned with steel arches.


Warm heart

For this English country house, designer Sarah Dippold opted for warm wood vanities, a chic chandelier and herringbone tiles to imbue a sense of sophistication and style.


Simple serenity

Matching hardwood floors and side table are the perfect complement to the beautifully textured concrete walls and tub in this serene Japanese-inspired tub by a design company Michael Del Piero Good Design.


Gallery wall

Historic portraits and artwork in black and gold frames line the walls of this Georgian master bathroom by an Atlanta-based designer Amy morris.


In the lap of luxury

A mosaic tile and large chandelier provide plenty of glitz and glamor in this English-style master bathroom designed by an Atlanta-based company Harrison design.


Cross the Cross

To create dimension in this serene bath, the Miami-based company Dunagan Diverio Design Group used a textured wall in neutral tones and a complementary bench with an inlaid trellis pattern.

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