18 small living room design ideas to transform your space


Mali Azima

These days, many influencers and designers are showcasing huge spaces with endless room for furniture and decor. As amazing as their designs are, they aren’t always realistic for every type of renter or homeowner. With that in mind, let us assure you that endless space and stellar design are not synonymous. To prove it, today’s topic is none other than small living room design ideas. Whether your home has a separate small room that serves as your living room or a fraction of an open floor plan that extends into your kitchen and bedroom, you’ll find more than a dozen ideas here. different small living rooms to beautify your space. Where some ideas focus on singular colors and complementary palettes, others illustrate how larger and more welcoming small spaces can look with specific design styles. All this to say that no matter the size of your living room, there are plenty of ways to make it work for you. You just have to be creative. The small living room design ideas in the upcoming slides will help you do just that.

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Color galore

Once upon a time, many interior designers believed that the more patterns and textures there were in a space, the smaller it appeared. Today, however, that couldn’t be further from the truth. One of the biggest trends in interior design these days focuses on maximalism, with patterns and colors everywhere. So if you were hoping to shower your small living room with a fun palette, there’s no better time than the present. This vibrant space designed by Liz Caan has mastered the art of mixing patterns and colors.


Corner sectional

Designate Melanie Turner contemporary furniture and decor mixed with an unexpected glossy peach paint that gives this sitting area an old Hollywood living room feel. If you want a feminine touch in your living room, let yourself be guided. A corner booth, small rug, and cocktail table create a mini living space, and the gallery wall adds an artistic focal point.


modern fantasy

Chartreuse is making its rounds in home design, so if you fancy a unique color to brighten up your space, you can’t go wrong with the traditionally retro hue, seen here in Janie Jones’ home. By opting for a smaller L-shaped section, you can also divide an open floor plan to create more of a traditional living room space.


Art Deco residence

True to the retro trend, here is a small living room idea by designer Ceara Donnelley which features many textures and prints, without a lot of bright colors. That way, it’s a fabulous idea for a vintage-inspired designer looking for a more neutral palette.


Maximalist Moment

Love the idea of ​​a more maximalist living room but not ready to embrace as many colors, textures, and prints as the first small living room idea on this list? This piece from the iconic Kips Bay Decorator Show House shows how you can use bold colors and prints to complement a small living space.


Face-to-face seats

For a more traditional small living room idea, emphasize loud furniture and wallpaper and place it over a quaint conversation set that will help encourage connection in the space. This small living room idea is the work of interior designer Casey Hill from Los Angeles. Casey Hill Studio.


Green and blue tints

Conceived by Tammy Connorthis small living room idea brings images of Only murders in the building in mind, thanks to its similarity to Charles-Haden Savage’s (Steve Martin) posh apartment. It’s chic yet masculine and colorful without being overly saturated.


vertical storage

When working with a small space, few things compare to vertical storage capacity. Here, decorator Summer Thornton proves how far a built-in floor-to-ceiling bookcase can go. Just look how it looks to expand the space and make it even bigger.


Confined Conversation Set

Not sure what color palette you’d like to highlight in your small living room? By sticking to a neutral base, complemented by off-white walls and furniture – like Alessandra Branca done here – you can regularly swap out pillows, lampshades, and artwork to drastically change the look of your space.


Buttercream Beauty

Of course, you don’t have to stick to white walls if you’re hoping for a neutral living space. Buttercream yellow walls can brighten and warm the room without serving as a bold accent wall, which will ultimately make your small living room look bigger.


Cozy corner

Working with a particularly small living room? Use the length of the room to your advantage by outfitting your space with a sprawling sofa that fits right into the corner. Add a few easily movable tables and chairs, and voila, you’re ready to entertain or snuggle up to yourself with a book.


Hunter’s Green Lair

An easy way to make your small living room look particularly well done is to paint it in one of the trendiest paint colors of the year. In this case, it’s a forest hunter green, which Connecticut-based designer Chauncey Boothby of Chauncey Boothby Interiorsdubbed one of the most popular colors of 2022.


Colorful comfort

For a casual space that doesn’t lack an ounce of quirky style, check out this little living room idea by Designer Noz Nozawa. His goal “was to create a morning room where people could feel rejuvenated.” We think she succeeded.


Inspired by the world

If you’re a world traveler or are simply inspired by wanderlust, let your global memories serve as your hallmark style for your living room, as designer Matthew Carter did here. Each decorative element will have a story to tell, giving the small room a feeling of infinity.


granny smith green

Another color that will instantly magnify your small space? This brilliant granny smith green hue. Paired with vibrant raspberry-hued decor, this small, high-contrast space makes us feel anything but cramped.


Mid-Century Chic

At the limit of neutral and daring? By opting for a neutral color palette displayed in bold geometric prints and shapely bookcases and vases, you can breathe life into your small living room, making it look bigger. Designate Joe Lucas proves it in this piece he designed for the Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse in Palm Beach.


modern colonial

We love the bright, unexpected colors of this modern colonial home designed by interior designer Anthony Baratta. Although it is a small living room, this room has a larger than life style thanks to the bright colors, enlarged font and mismatched furniture that just works.


Tiffany blue view

Finally, we have a pastel paradise that would be the perfect little living room to host a mini bridal brunch or a girls’ night out. It’s soft, whimsical, and romantic, even without a lot of space to dedicate to the overall design.

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