10 sitcoms that don’t deserve their popularity (and why)


Sitcoms offer something for every type of viewer so they can gain an even larger audience. The genre cemented itself in the 90s and early 2000s, contributing significantly to pop culture. Although considered superficial for the sole purpose of evoking laughter, sitcoms have been powerful tools for discussing social issues and breaking down barriers for greater representation. These shows can also have witty dialogue, spectacular costumes and sets, and even high cinematography.

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Ever-evolving, sitcoms have kept fans engaged with more modern approaches. Despite the strong bond viewers might share with their beloved sitcoms, genre staples have become overrated over the years. Some got by with overblown and clichéd storylines. Others have aged poorly, showing their problematic tendencies.

ten The new girl’s eccentricity was not special

new girlThe formula is nothing new. It followed a group of adults as they navigate romance, careers, friendships, and everyday conflict. Plus, it contained the over-the-top plot between Jessica Day and Nick Miller. However, new girl always stood out because of its colorful and flawed characters.

If fans examine Zooey Deschanel’s original portrayal of Jess, they’ll realize that the character isn’t all that unique. The sitcom marketed itself on its quirky characters, but they were stereotypes and often lacked depth. This is especially true for female characters. Jess, Cece, and Reagan were all two-dimensional characters, and the actors once again suffered from casting.

9 Orange Is The New Black Protagonist Who Hampered The Show’s Potential

Cited as one of Netflix’s best shows, Orange is the new black was an ambitious story with a large and talented ensemble cast. It has strived to be an inclusive and diverse series. However, its protagonist, Piper Chapman, lacked the depth and likability to be the show’s focus.

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Piper’s unlikable character overshadowed the potential of the other characters, reducing the quality of the whole show. Orange is the new black also consistently delivered disappointing relationship subplots, which was devastating for invested fans who wanted to see more in-depth portrayal.

8 Full House Re-Review Proves The Show Is Substandard

There is no denying the reach and influence that Full house had over the decades. He played a pivotal role in family television in the 80s and 90s, leading up to the 2016 sequel More complete house. HoweverFull house and its sequel relied on catchphrases, sitcom tropes, and character stereotypes to capture viewers. For this reason, the sitcom does not deserve its praise.

Characters often exhibited poor acting that was not indicative of the actors’ abilities. Additionally, the sitcom often left storylines unresolved, leaving fans with unanswered questions.

7 How I met your mother ruined her own potential

Due to the release of the spin-off series how i met your fatherfans realize that its predecessor (How I Met Your Mother) below in many respects. What sets this sitcom apart is its premise of a father telling his children how he met their mother.

Unfortunately, the series has overstayed its reception with nine seasons of Ted Mosby going through failed novels, only to skim the story of how he met the mother of his children. HIMYM directed all his storylines to force Ted and Robin together in the end. To do this, the sitcom threw its potential out the door and killed Tracy, the mother, and broke up Robin and Barney’s marriage.

6 Seinfeld is a classic that got destroyed

There’s a fine line between being a classic and being overrated, and Seinfeld the crossing. No one can deny its groundbreaking impact, especially with Jerry Seinfeld playing an alternate version of himself. The incorporation of his stand-up routines in previous seasons further set the show apart. Unfortunately, this design was short-lived, which detracted from the quality of the show.

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What pushes Seinfeld in the overstated territory are its extremely unlikable characters. Fans often felt a lack of sympathy for Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer. It’s hard to keep watching a show with characters that display little to no development, essentially repeating the same storylines throughout the series.

5 Family Guy doesn’t know when enough is enough

Regardless of its acclaimed success as a mature anime series, family guy got lazy. It was a pop culture phenomenon, but it overstayed its reception with the release of 20 seasons. The show’s beloved satirical humor has resulted in many well-known references and running jokes.

However, as the sitcom outlived its expectations, it began to recycle many jokes. family guy was praised for its parodies, but it devoted fewer episodes to dismantling tropes as the series progressed. By neglecting this crucial aspect, the show has devalued itself.

4 The unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt hid her problems under Kimmy’s naivety

When first created, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt brought fans something new and exciting that quickly got boring. The dark premise of escaping from a cult’s underground bunker sets the sitcom apart. However, this quickly faded with Kimmy’s naive and gullible nature. The show was very promising, but he refused to go deeper, leaving fans unsatisfied.

Kimmy’s abuse was only discussed at the surface level. While sitcoms are meant to be lighthearted, the show did its protagonist a disservice by sweeping her trauma under the rug. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt also attempted to conceal his racial stereotypes through the protagonist’s uninformed and naïve nature. However, fans were bothered by the characterization of Jacqueline Voorhees and Titus, which served no purpose other than to bring laughs.

3 Two and a half men relied on outdated humor

two and a half men contributed very little to the sitcom genre. The show also lacks a strong fanbase compared to other sitcom series, but it had a spectacular twelve-season run.

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The concept of two different adults living together, while fun, has been overdone. Still, he conjured up tons of laughs before quickly resorting to overused and cheap jokes. If fans reconsider two and a half menthey will realize the massive use of homophobic and sexist remarks.

2 Rick and Morty are misinterpreted

rick and morty is both an acquired and popular taste. Despite its unique humor, it managed to capture the hearts of many fans over its five seasons. It’s full of clever and witty references. The sci-fi sitcom may be incredibly popular, but some of its critics don’t believe it deserves that popularity.

The problem with rick and morty is that its purpose is often overlooked. In its unique way, rick and morty explores family dysfunction, child abuse, toxic masculinity, and the value of mental health.

1 Friends lives on despite its hollow and problematic representations

Friends has maintained its popularity since the finale aired in 2004. However, it followed a basic storyline and was very predictable. The idea of ​​following the lives of a group of friends as they deal with daily shenanigans was overused at the time. Friends created. It wasn’t a shock when Rachel and Ross got together.

Due to the sitcom’s unparalleled popularity, many issues are often overlooked. Friends was as sexist as many of his counterparts at that time, and he was blatantly homophobic and transphobic. Friends also mishandled crucial issues like sexual assault, as seen with Joey’s character.

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